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Jul 2, 2009 05:13 PM

Best Lobster in Boston area

I will be taking an out of town friend out for lobster next week. What is the best restaurant in Boston for a superb baked stuffed lobster---we usually go to legal's in chestnut hill but would love other suggestions. thanks

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  1. I know for hot and buttered lobster rolls people will tell you Neptune Oyster in the North End.

    1. I think The Palm Restaurant has a lobster special going on through the summer. I'm not sure if it's baked stuffed though.

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        all the steak houses do a baked stuffed lobster and charge out the nose for them.

        one of the best lobster dishes i ever had was at hammersley's: grilled lobster with chorizo, sweetbreads and roasted corn. amazing.

      2. I second the Palm. I think they currently have a Summer special of a 4 lb. lobster for two w/ sides and dessert. I'm sure they'll do it baked stuffed. It's expensive, but it's delicious.

        1. While I love baked stuffed, when my best friend came to town craving lobster, we went to Summer Shack (the Alewife location). She ordered it, and I got the (winter version) of Jasper White's Pan-Roasted Lobster, which has to be one of the best things I've ever eaten, and certainly the most buttery. It would not surprise me to find out that each portion had a whole stick, but that pan sauce (chive, bourbon, etc - recipe can be found online) is outstanding. I dabbed bread all over the shell to wipe off the sauce and was sorely tempted to lick not only the plate but the shell! My friend, tasting the bit that I gave her only because she is my BEST friend, looked at my plate like Tiny Tim at the goose hanging in the merchant's shop. Next time....she sighed. She was very pleased with the baked stuffed - until she tasted the pan-roasted. We also probably consumed another half-stick of butter in the divine whipped parsnips that we shared. Summer Shack has all the atmosphere of a high school cafeteria, but you can't eat ambiance!

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            Agree with Jasper's pan roasted lobster. When he had Jasper's in the North End several years ago, I went twice the last week before he closed thinking I wouldn't ever be able to have it again. My pick is for the traditional baked stuffed lobster is at The Continental on Rt 1 in Saugus. Sure, it's an old school type restaurant, but their 2 1/2 lb lobster stuffed with a traditional bread crumb stuffing has so much additional lobster in it, I usually end up taking most of the whole lobster home for another meal. The popovers there are really good too!

            1. re: catsmeow

              Totally agree. The Continental's baked stuffed lobster is amazing and they come around with all the extras - popovers, spinach pie, chicken wings, bean dip, etc.

              1. re: RichardinJP

                The wood grilled lobster at the Summer Shack is incredible. I believe they lightly bread it then throw it on the wood fire grill. It's also effortless to eat.

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                Anyone have an idea how much the lobster costs at SummerShack? Would love to try it out as long as the price is right...

                1. re: nader

                  I had the 2lb wood grilled lobster (on the companies tab) for about $40-45. It was amazing.

            2. I know youre looking for baked stuffed, but Im still all aglow from a more than ridiculously delicious Lobster Roll at the James Hook this past weekend- just an idea.

              I saw on here earlier that there were some complaints that their rolls weren't very filled, and rather sparse on the lobster meat. Im happy to report that both mine and my friends were over flowing with claw and knuckle meat- tiny amount of mayo and really nothing else. Very satisfying lunch, and for the amount of lobster- a great price at $12.

              There you go -my two cents :-)

              Oh- and a random question- my DC at the Hook is from Minnesota and spent a long time being excited that our hot dog buns actually stayed together- apparently all of their buns fall apart??? Anyone know anything about this? Is it really true that Minnesota doesnt have any quality hot dog buns???