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Bento boxes and supplies

I'm looking to find somewhere that sells Japanese style bento boxes for lunches as well as the small items like food picks, tiny sauce bottles, egg presses etc. that go with them. Similar to the items found here:

I've checked Kim Phat on Jarry and there's nothing. Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried Miyamoto at 382 Victoria in Westmount?

    There are a few other places that carry Japanese stuff - addresses here. Don't know about bento boxes specifically, but I'd check Miyamoto first:

    1. Give "Myamoto" a call (http://www.sushilinks.com/miyamoto/in...) I think they have bento box to sell

      1. I would try Miyamoto first, but you could also check out one of the many Korean/Japanese groceries as well as Tam Nam in Chinatown. I've seen some at Marché Hawai but apart the hilarious Engrish on them they weren't that interesting.

        1. There's a Banzai in Montreal, a Japanese 'dollar' store - famous out west in B.C. Anyways, I can guarantee you'll find MOST of your bento accessories here. I don't know the exact address but it's on Decarie just south of Sherbrooke, in between the Esso and Play It Again Sports. It's connected to a Korean grocery store, how convenient! Let me know how it goes! Good luck!

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            Banzai of Montreal 2120 Decarie Blvd. Montreal, PQ H4A3J3 T: 514-484-4529

          2. There's also Toyama which is a couple of doors south of Miyamoto. 370 Victoria, 514-489-9555. They've got a lot of interesting stuff, including a lot of serving dishes and so forth.

            1. I am pretty sure I have seen them at Eden, the Asian grocer in La Cite market.
              Besides Eden and Miyamoto you can try the Korean Grocery on St Catherine corner Chomedey. I know it's a Korean store but they do have Japanese products. In the front of the store they have soy bottles, bento boxes, pans, chopsticks etc..

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                I got some bento-like lunchboxes for my kids online, http://www.thermapod.tv, since they won't open a bunch of separate containers. There's another site that sells something similar too, http://www.laptoplunches.com/. They don't have any of the proper Japanese accessories though like tiny sauce bottles.

              2. You folks ROCK! Thanks so much for all the recommendations. I'm going on the excursion today and will let you know what I find and where. Thanks again.

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                  Went to Banzai on Decarie over the Weekend they have the Black Laquered Dinner style Bento Box in two sizes starting at $50 each.

                2. Status report: I went to 3 locations last weekend looking for plastic bento boxes suitable for a kids lunch - like the ones found here:

                  Miyamoto 382 Victoria - bust. But beautiful teapots and great Japanese food supplies.
                  Toyama 370 Vicoria - bust. They are closed on Sundays. But I looked through the window and I would be highly surprised if they stocked plastic bentos. Most of their goods are pottery.
                  Bonzai 2120 Decarie Blvd. - bust. Banzai did have lacquered bento boxes, plastic ones with very loose fitting and some little plastic snack containers. But no luck with the tight lidded plastic ones with multiple compartments that I was looking for.

                  So...I guess I'm looking at trying a few more. *sigh*

                  Thanks for your help.

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                    Toyama's bento are in the back. She definitely has Zojirushi's Mr. Bento in several forms though I haven't looked for kiddie boxes since I don't have a need.

                    Tight-lidded plastic ones with multiple compartments sounds like you might be more interested some of these Lock & Lock containers I bought: rectangular with three removable compartments.

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                      If you dare to shop online, the ones I got from thermapod (link above) sound perfect for you. They can also be microwaved because the plastic is not toxic .. although I also got some glass Lock and Lock containers from Jean Coutu for meals that will be microwaved. I have friends who have run around the city looking for kids' bento boxes and they failed. One ended up buying a stainless steel food jar but my son reports that the only meal that stays warm in his is hot soup. My fabulous sticky rice meals end up cold plus they are a pain to open. Good luck!

                    2. http://www.jbox.com/BENTO/

                      I haven't bought their bento items, but I have bought several other things from them and they were always reliable.