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Jul 2, 2009 03:34 PM

I'm tired of overthinking this... I need advice!

For my first trip to NY, I was so excited. I did my research for months before this trip I'm currently having to NYC. I currently have a reservation at Morimoto for Friday evening, because I thought it would be a cool spot for Friday evening dinner, but I'm starting to re-think my choice. After amazing meals at Le Bernardin and Jean Georges, I'm starting to think I've compromised by choosing Morimoto. I'm from Vancouver, and spend lots of time in both LA and Japan, so maybe I shouldn't be thinking Japanese. I was also thinking WD-50, but switched my mind at the last moment. Now I'm not sure... I read all the boards, I looked at all the sites and what I came up with was this...

Tuesday lunch: Co.
Tuesday dinner: Yankees game
Wednesday dinner: Le Bernardin
Thursday lunch: Jean Georges
Thursday dinner: Babbo
Friday or Saturday lunch: Katz's
Friday dinner: HELP ME PLEASE!!!
Saturday dinner: Dovetail

I'm looking for something "special", that will totally round out my first trip to New York. Any last minute suggestions?

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  1. morimoto is horrible unless you sit at the omakase table which will run you over $200/pp. and being from vancouver i'd skip japanese food. vancouver does it so much better.

    with your itinerary, i'd do fri nite dinner at strip house. order the ribeye, creamed spinach, and potato romanoff. best piece of steak in manhattan and more consistant than luger's.

    1. i'd recommend Scarpetta (you can do a walk-in for the bar area tables), or maybe Keens Steakhouse (get the mutton chop)...or try a cute jewel box of a seafood place: Tides

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        Scarpetta looks good, but after Babbo, I'm wondering if pasta/italian-esque dining 2 nights in a row might be a bit much. We get amazing seafood in Vancouver, so I'd rather be steered away from that.

        Any other thoughts? Steaks are always a great option, but we're thinking of something smaller, with great atmosphere. We're not necessarily needing anything that "fine" either.

        1. re: bandorap

          hi...yeah, as soon as i posted the Tides suggestion, i thought about all the great seafood i've had in Vancouver and realized Tides might not be the best option...(my fav restaurant in Vancouver is Bonita, btw)...

          re: Scarpetta, i don't necessarily think it'd be Italian overkill to go to Babbo and there on one trip...the food is quite different...if you got the pasta tasting menu at Babbo, and then ate the crudo, polenta, black cod, etc at Scarpetta, they'd be completely diff kinds of meals...

          if you do lean towards steaks, Keens has a small pub room in between the main dining room and the bar which is my fav room to eat in's full of NYC history and has a nice old-NYC atmosphere (though i do think of Keens as more of a fall/winter restaurant)...

          While you have great Cantonese in Vancouver, i'm not sure if there is much Sichuan there...if you like spicy food, then consider the Grand Sichuan on 9th Ave/24th St (the other locations aren't quite as good imo), or Szechuan Gourmet (which many on CH prefer, but which i personally don't like as much as GS)...

          Another alternative would be to go to Sripraphai in Queens for Thai food...i've tried pretty much every Thai restaurant in downtown Vancouver and didn't really care for any, with a couple rare exceptions where i asked the chef to cook me something not on the menu...Sripraphai is a solid two-steps up...

          But maybe your best option is to go to Tia Pol, an excellent tapas bar on 10thAve/22nd reservations, so you'd have to get there early or expect a long wait...but it's the best tapas i've had in NYC and has yummy wines, and it would be a more casual counterpoint to some of your higher-end dinners...yeah, i think that's my top rec...*smiles*...

        1. I disagree, we love Morimoto. For steaks my favorite is Sparks or keen's.
          How about Spice Market in the Meat Packing district. Although we have not been to Scarpetta in NY, we just had dinner at the Miami Fontainbleu location and the food was very good................If you really want to splurge, Daniell.
          Another nice relaxed spot for Italian food is Osteria de Circo.

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            with all due respect sparks hasn't served a decent steak since the '90's. and if you're recommending spice market i can see why you'd love morimoto. i think you're more into the sceney type of places rather thatn restaurants that are known purely for their food...

          2. Babboo has you covered for Italian food, along with Co. What seems to be missing, as others have noted, is a great steak house. If you don't want to travel to Peter Luger's (still our favorite steak in the city), look at the Post House, in the east 60s. Outstanding cajun ribeye. Have fun in NYC.