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Jul 2, 2009 03:34 PM

birthday in providence

im taking my girlfriend, at the end of july, to providence for her birthday. we start the weekend by heading to the nordic lodge for a dinner of pure gluttony. it seems overpriced, but we've both been wanting to go for a long time. the next day we head to a couple wineries for some tours and tastings (im thinking Newport Vineyards & Winery, Greenvale Vinyard, and Lot 41) then, i want to get a good meal. both of us love quality food, but we're unpretentious about it. the less money we can spend for our dinner the better, but if its worth it i'll pay. i have absolutely no clue about anything in providence so i'm hoping someone can help me with restaurant recommendations and winery considerations. any comment is helpful and appreciated, thanks!

ps we're staying at the renaissance providence hotel and anything we can take a cab to is a plus! (we're cambridge folk)

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  1. Try Andino's - Atwells Ave. on Federal Hill. Very cozy and the food is excellent. Waitstaff is super. Good luck!

    1. Gracies and New Rivers would be my choices Dowtown. Chez Pascal is a short cab ride (10 minutes) and probably my favorite spot in the city. All of these places are pricey, but worth it.

      Less expensive places to try would include: Broadway Bistro, the Red Fez, Julians.

      If you want to experience Federal Hill, try sitting outside at Constantino's.

      A heads up, restaurant week in Providence runs from 7/12 - 7/25. Not sure if this will overlap with your visit. If it does, on the plus side, you could can eat at any of aforementioned restaurants at a fraction of the normal cost. However, for the top of the line places you will need to make reservations early if you want to eat after 5 and before 9:30.