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Jul 2, 2009 03:01 PM

Portland recs?

My wife and I (from Baltimore) will be visiting Portland on July 28-29 and on Aug.6 .We're looking to reserve now for some nice dinners. A few years ago we went to Street & Co. and enjoyed it very much. Is that still a good choice?

I've noted recommendations on this board for Hugo, Bresca, 555, Fore Street. Would I not go wrong with any of these? What else would you recommend? We're open to any style of cuisine. What's good currently? Thanks for your help.

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  1. We were in Portland in mid-June (unfortunately only for one dinner) and chose Bresca after getting some great advice on this board. We were very happy with the choice. The ingredients were seasonal and fresh in the extreme. The restaurant is very small and intimate but comfortable. The staff is exceedingly knowledgeable and obviously passionate about food and wine. I was very impressed with the selection of wines by the glass, which was huge. The menu includes wine pairings for some of the dishes, and the wait staff will be happy to assist with other pairings. Cost was very reasonable too, for the quality. I would highly recommend Bresca.

    Don't neglect to pick up some baked goods from Standard Baking Company. Their morning buns (sticky buns) with or withouth nuts are to die for.

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      Thanks for the feedback. We're making reservations early so we don't get shut out from our top choices.

    2. Street & Co. is pretty consistent and should be just as good as your last visit. If you like seafood it would be a good choice.

      The other places you ask about (Hugo, Bresca, 555, Fore Street) are all high quality (and high price) and should not disappoint. Another place to consider in that price category is Back Bay Grill (

      A couple of other slightly less-expensive and more casual places with great food are Caiola's ( and Local 188 (

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        Local 188 is great for a drink or tapas, but I'd recommend Caiola's more readily -- wonderful food, great atmosphere and really impressive hospitality. We've eaten there a number of times in varying situations - with a toddler, with parents, with friends, with a business contact -- and have loved it every time.

        I agree w/ PPs that you really can't go wrong w/ the places you mentioned.

      2. Thanks for your replies. We've made reservations at Fore Street, Hugo's and Bresca. I will try to report back at the conclusion of our trip.