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Jul 2, 2009 02:56 PM

Lolo's CHicken and Waffles-Phx

I just visited the south and had some great chicken and waffles. Planning to share the experience with some coworkers. Is Lolo's the best in Phx? Are they open on Mondays?

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  1. Lolo's is open from 10am to 7pm on Mondays.

    Lo Lo's Chicken & Waffles
    10 W Yuma St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

    1. Looks like a new location is coming too!
      (from Phx New Times)
      "The expanded second location of Larry "Lo-Lo" White's popular Phoenix soul food joint -- frequented by sports celebs and nameless foodies alike for its catfish, grits, collard greens, and red velvet cake, as well as its unforgettable chicken and waffles -- will be at 2765 N. Scottsdale Rd., in the Albertsons plaza on the southeast corner.

      August 1 is the expected opening date."

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      1. re: MesaChow

        Oh man, that is exciting news! If they're smart they'll stay open late on weekends. Can you imagine the drunks filtering down from Old Town for chicken and waffles?

        1. re: ajs228

          agree 100%. i would happily cab it from arcadia at 2am. after all, it's THAT business that made roscoe's famous.

          1. re: azhotdish

            The news is true. The new location is on the southeast corner of Thomas and Scottsdale, next to the Jamba Juice. No one is happier than I am about this. To me, it is by far the best fried chicken in this town. It is the second best fried chicken I have had, with the first being the famous Mama Dip's in Chapel Hill, NC.

            The waffles are also great at Lolo's. Word to the health conscious: ask for the butter on the side. The first time I went there, I got a scoop of butter that was about the size of a scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Then again, if you are health conscious, you shouldn't be eating at a fried chicken and waffles place anyway!

            1. re: tstrebel

              We tried the new location on Saturday and it was fabulous. The decor is totally different from the original, but amazingly they have translated small kitchen food into a fairly big operation and it still comes out great. I had the soul food platter with smothered fried chicken, fried okra, cheese grits and cornbread; husband had chicken & waffle. The chicken was perfectly cooked with a light crispy crust, even after being smothered in gravy and onions. It's in a former Kyoto Bowl location, all bright and well lit, and at 2 p.m the place was packed with a short wait. Service was good and the food came out quickly. The high volume of food coming out of the kitchen guaranteed that nothing sat around waiting to be reheated. Let's keep this place busy!

              In the beginning it has been open only for breakfast and lunch until mid-afternoon, but our server told us they will soon expand the hours to stay open until 7 p.m. weeknights and until after midnight on Friday and Saturday.


              1. re: tstrebel

                Ha Ha - this is the first time I have not had to ask for more butter!!

                Got a chance to eat there Saturday am and oh my - YUM!!! Got the chicken w/ waffles (and butter) and a side of mac and cheese. The chicken IS the best in the city (except maybe Texas Grill's "Chicken Fried Chicken"), the waffles were pure delight with spices (butter) and warm syrup and the m&c was pure creamy cheesy deliciousness. I finished my whole plate - which I never do. I won't be able to eat again until maybe Tuesday but very very good