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Jul 2, 2009 02:50 PM

Babycakes NYC cookbook -vanilla frosting

I've seen a lot of reviewers of the Babycakes cookbook say that the frosting didn't work for them. I tried, and with a few modifications, made it work. I still have a couple of questions though.
A. Is the frosting supposed to be so shiny? I've never been to the bakery, but none of the pictures look shiny like mine.
B. Did anyone else end up with dark cream colored frosting? Wouldn't necessarily want to use it as is. I tried adding pureed blueberries, but in the end just added food coloring. Kind of defeats the purpose of a natural/healthier cupcake.
C. Has anyone tried using rice milk and rice milk powder (does that even exist?) I have a friend with a baby with soy allergies as well as dairy, wheat and eggs. Would love to make the cupcakes and frosting for his 1st birthday.

My modifications were: 1 cup soy milk (made from the soy milk powder and water), 3/4 cup agave (will try just 1/2 cup agave next time, but it wasn't sickening sweet with 3/4 cup.) A little less coconut oil because I ran out.

My frosting was too thick to be a sauce, even before chilling.

What have your experiences been?

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  1. I made the gingerbread and vanilla frosting last night-- I agree the frosting is like no frosting I have ever made before! I definitely appreciate the ease of being able to whip it up in a blender-- but the texture is very glossy and a bit like gelatin? Mine was a cream hue as well! It tastes pretty good-- but nowhere near as sweet as a typical frosting.

    Also-- I am not sure if it is because I have an electric oven (boo I know!)-- I seem to need to bake everything I try from the cookbook a lot longer than what the recipe states-- maybe I just need to invest in an oven thermometer.

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      geeda- i used to work as a pastry chef and i prefer an electric oven. i find the heat much more gentle and even. my suggestion would definitely be to get a thermometer. i have the kind that hangs from the rack and i am constantly having to adjust my oven temperature to the actual temperature.

    2. Hi There!

      I hope we can help with your questions!

      A - The frosting does tend to have a bit of a shine from the coconut oil.
      B - It also tends to be an off-white color, especially since soy milk is typically more of a creamy color. On page 140, you will find a recommendation for a natural dye supplier.
      C - You are able to use rice substitutes in equal measure. There is also a potato-based milk powder on the market that can stand in for the soy milk powder, hopefully that will work out for your friend's baby!

      If you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We are happy to help. You can e-mail

      We hope this helps!

      BabyCakes NYC

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        How kind of Baby Cakes to go out of its way to respond to this post. I wish more restaurants and chefs would help us amateur chefs improve on our hobby.

      2. Although I haven't tried this recipe I started using rice milk a few months ago- I've subbed it in for soy milk and dairy milk in many recipes including frostings and cakes with much success.
        You can make a simple glaze out of rice milk, confectioner's sugar, vanilla extract. Add as much milk as you need, slowly, to make a thick glaze for your cupcakes. It will be sort of pearl-colored. It's not a fluffy frosting but I think it'll make a baby happy.

        1. I am having trouble finding soy milk powder. Does anyone know where to buy it in Toronto, Thornhill or Richmond Hill? Also, in the Babycakes NYC cookbook, does anyone know if you can subsitute Almond milk for soy milk?

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            You can find a non-GMO soy milk powder at They also sell the neutral flavor Jarrow brand of coconut oil that BabyCakes references above.

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              You can find soy milk powder and coconut flour at Tutti Frutti at Kensington market. Essence of Life should also have all the ingredients. I found the icing too strong. The recipes are great though!

            2. I don't have the recipe, but if you live near Indian groceries you can find coconut milk powder for those looking for a soy powder alterntive