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Jul 2, 2009 02:44 PM

July 2009 Grocery Outlet - Buck-o-rama

Until July 5th many items $1 ... including wine ... PLUS a $3 off with a minimumn $20 purchase

Thanks to Columba for posting the heads up about the coupon last month

SAN Pablo

Wine for 99 cents

Lamura Sicilian Nero d;Avola (reg $19.99)
Golden Orb 2005 Shiraz (reg $12.99)
Boolaro Chardonnay (reg $8.99)
Dionysus Gruner Ventliner (reg $9.99)

Um, I know nothing about wine, so .... The Lamura is better to my tastes than the Shiraz which was a bit sour to me. Both the whites were sold out, but I mention them in case any store near you is selling them.

99 - Frozen Cornish hens ... price for entire bird
99 - Sarah Lee hot dog buns
99 - Oscar Meyer bun-length hot dogs
99 - 3 lbs Fuji apples
99 - Wolfgang Puck organic split pea soup
99 - High School Musical cereal
99 - Lots of De Cecco pasta the most interesting - galletti, a elbow type pasta with a frill.
99 - Alouette artichoke and something else I forget cheese
$1 - 15 fresh limes - good condition

Edit: I went back to buy some more of the Lamura ... gone ... there's still lots of the Golden Orb. I did buy a few bottles on the first vist though. Nice to see I had a $62 savings on a $4.33 tab.

If using the coupon, there are lots of good deals on cleaning supplies

Some things outside of the $1 range

50 cents - SPAM singles (yeah, I know, but I've wanted to try one.)
$1.49 - Snowfisk Norwegien goat cheese spread
$1.50 - 18 eggs
$1.50 - Small container of fresh blueberries
$1.99 Beemster XO (aged 26 months) 5 oz shredded
$1.99 - Greek Gods sour cream 16 oz
$1.99 - Lindt 70 % cacoa sour cherry & chili bar 5.3 oz I like this a lot
$4,95 - Porto Redino Tawny Portuguese port - The port isn't bad ... not great ... but smooth.

I didn't look closely at that Greek Gods container. It seems like I caught the word kefir in addition to sour cream.

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  1. Thanks for posting about this....however the Wolfgang Puck split pea soup is awful. I wonder if the Berkeley store has the Cornish hens. Anyone know?

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    1. re: Glencora

      Surprised about the split pea soup - I've liked the other ones of his.

      1. re: sydthekyd

        San Pablo had some other flavor of the Wolfgang Puck soups. I think it was some sort of chicken.

        They just got in 12 oz cans of Pet fat free evaporated skimmed milk for 34 cents each (3 for $1).

        Alas the 99 cent wine train has left the station. Though they seem to have quite a few bottles of wine for $1.99.

        1. re: rworange

          For anyone who's interested, Oakland had a wide variety of the Wolfgang Puck soups today - too many to remember, but I recall beef barley, chicken noodle, minestrone - there were others too. Didn't get any since I'm not a huge fan of canned soup.

    2. At the Oakland store:

      .99¢ - 1 liter of Teddy's root beer -- pretty good stuff, close to IBC
      $1.97 - 1.5 liter Tropicana Pure Valencia OJ (pasteurized) -- pretty good 7/13 expiration

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      1. re: ML8000

        San Jose (Monterey Rd):

        I was in the area and just briefly looked at the wine section, which is smaller than Oakland & Berkeley.

        DA Red $2.99 like other stores. Decent Syrah/Pinot blend which once sold for $16.

        2006 Schild Shiraz (Australia) for $6.99. Normally sells for $16 also. Opened tonight and it is quite good if you like fruity Shiraz.

      2. At Rohnert Park yesterday, boxes of fresh produce (mostly organic) were set up in the parking lot. Brentwood organic white corn was 4/$1 and the clerk shucked them for me. He said they'd have free hot dogs and root beer floats today. Apparently this store does something in the parking lot every month but not on a set day . . . BBQ is coming up.

        The port you want to try is the Claustrus ruby port, the real thing from Portugal for $9.99. A friend needed some ruby port for a salad dressing recipe and asked me which domestic to buy. I told her I'd pick up a bottle of this for less money than fake port and try it for her. It's quite palatable. I was almost tempted to buy the tawny and white port, but I really don't drink them often, so I'll let someone else take the plunge.

        Bought Terra Yukon Gold chips 2/$1 for 1 ounce bags. Yes, the big bags are a better buy per ounce, but once a bag of potato chips is open, I tend to eat the whole thing in short order. One ounce bags invokes some discipline.

        I picked up 1995 Vivamus winery Tokaji szamorodni for 99¢.
        It's the dry style rather than sweet. I have fond memories of sipping this type of wine during intermission at the opera house in Budapest. However, this dry style doesn't do it for me. It's mostly acid with some toasted almond nuttiness and not much fruit, after trying it room temperature and chilled. BUT I think it will make an excellent cooking "sherry".

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Like someone else mentioned either this month or last, I wish I could remember the wines mentioned in these posts.

          San Pablo is also carrying Belo Napa Valley 1999 Tinta Isabella port $3.99. At the time I wasn't sure if that was the port you mentioned ... nope. I'm uncertain if it is good or not. It is super peppery and has a heavy alcohol taste. Also the cork was really crumbly and popped, almost like champagne ... not as forceful, but there was a small pop. Belo ages the ports using chestnut pipes.

          That link mentions "All their wines are typically bottled unfined and unfiltered for maximum flavor." No kidding. This really needs decanting. It is also in a very heavy bottle that is dark black glass which must block all light.

          It seems it depends on the day and store what wines are 99 cents. All the wines I bought at Berkeley yesterday were full price at San Pablo. Today's San Pablo 99 cent wine is Corbett Canyon 1999 Reserve Syrah

          The Cornish Game hens seem to be sold out.

          99 cents - Healthy Choice Mandarin chicken frozen dinners
          50 cents - Tostita creamy salsa ... so far I've resisted
          50 cents - Grey Poupon mustard ... GP is putting HFCS in the mustard, or at least some, so check the label if that bothers you.

          Gee, there was a GO tv commercial the other day. Hope that doesn't start to impact prices

        2. Berkeley

          99 cent wines

          Craftsman kiralyleanyanka

          A VERY pleasant and drinkable white from Hungary. Recommended despite my lack of wine expertise. I really like this.

          Haven't tried the rest of these yet

          Vixen Blonde white wine Lot 4
          Terramia Lambrusco Dell Emillia
          Syrahtica 2007 syrah
          L'Avenir South African Chenin Blank 2007

          The Berkeley store also has the 99 cent Cornish Hens. There were also 5 lb bags of russet potatoes for $1 and 3 lbs of Fuji apples for $1.

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          1. re: rworange

            The Craftsman was $3.99 today. I guess that was part of the weekend sale.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              The high rec was only for the 99 cent price which was quite the deal. Still not bad at $3.99, but there are so many wines at GO probably of equal qualtiy. I don't drink whites much though.

              1. re: rworange

                In that price range, I like the Gazela Vinho Verde for $4.52 at Bevmo during the 5-cent sale.

          2. Lots of good finds today at Newark GO.

            Cedarlane(I think) frozen Spinach jack tamale, Enchilada pie $2.49
            Cookie bars with fiber, they seem to have the right numbers, low sugar, high fiber, 3 flavors. Chocolate, Vanilla almond and apple harvest $1.99
            Fresh mozzarella $2.99
            Sabra hummus
            Tempeh temptations, 2 flavors..zesty lemon and teriyaki 99 cents
            Hot chili beans in can 79 cents
            Black beans in can 59 cents
            Buffalo chicken frozen pizza $3.99
            Fresco 'natural' sausages...sweet Italian and Sun dried $2.99
            Frozen wild salmon $4.99

            Lot of things, I get so excited when I spot organic and healthy products in GO.