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Jul 2, 2009 02:35 PM

Luxe Burger Bar in PVD

Thinking of going to Luxe Burger Bar tonight in the old Citron/Brewed Awakenings. Has anyone been and do you have a recomendation? They have not posted their menu online yet.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Sorry for the late reply, but I went there two days ago for the first time. After one visit, I say thumbs up.

        This is part of the Chow Fun restaurant group. I think the criticism of that group seems to be that they prize gimmickry over high cuisine, and that the food is solid but not inspired... In this case the gimmick was very fun, the food was indeed solid, and the prices were very reasonable. The idea is you "build' you own burger (or chicken breast or turkey burger and so on) for $6.99, checking off from a list of sauces, toppings, fries, cheeses, buns, etc. The cheese options I thought were very good, including herbed goat cheese (which I got) and blue cheese. The beef was good and cooked as I asked for it. We got Gorgonzola tater tots and sweet potato fries that were both very good. The lettuce was nice greens instead of iceberg and the ripe tomato was actually ripe. You can upgrade the various options... for about $10 you get a Kobe burger, which was good too. The portions were on the small side, but certainly satisfying if you're not gorging yourself. I would estimate the patties were 1/4 or 1/3 pounders. I am actually a little surprised they didn't have a bigger burger and fries upgrade given we Americans' penchant to stuff ourselves. The service was fine and the outside patio, which is removed enough from the traffic, was very pleasant on a nice day. There were also entrees and apps on the menu, but we didn't try them.

        By the way I believe they now have a partial menu online.

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          All that and a $2.50 pint of Narragansett!

        2. My husband and I went last night and were really impressed. The food and service were excellent and I was shocked at how affordable it was.

          We ordered the nachos, which are served with their sirloin/black bean chili and loaded with cheese and very yummy housemade salsa, with a side of housemade guacamole. Very very tasty, and only $6.99.

          My husband also got a burger, which he custom designed with jack cheese, a fried egg, lettuce, pickles, a tomato slice; he even got to pick his bun. It arrived just as he had ordered (medium) with a side of fries, and cost little more than the price of a value meal at McDonalds.

          We left very satisfied, and after a couple of drinks our bill only came to $35.