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Jul 2, 2009 02:12 PM

Need a bar in La Jolla Colony/UTC- San Diego

I've lived in La Jolla Colony for over a year now and am disappointed that as far as i've seen there are no bars. From what I've found, I am left with El Torito/TGIFridays/Rock Bottom restaurant bars, or I can go to the Marriot/hotel bars, or go to Donovans/the wine bar.

Any one know of anything in the area (nobel or LV drive between 805 and 5) that's a decent bar, not way over priced and isn't necessarily a restaurant? Or anything that is a restaurant, but isn't a chain like the ones listed above. I've been to Miami Grill which is cool in theory, but not much for a scene.

I may be SOL on this one, but figure who better to ask....

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  1. SOL

    Definitely. SOL.

    Lived in that area for over a decade, way back when the Elephant Bar sat in the Rock Bottom location. Sadly, the defunct Sports Bar by Trader Joe's/Petsmart and Rock Bottom were/are the only remotely reasonable places.

    There is Japengo, the bar at Roys (in the restaurant, but an area of its own - but not great), but I guess we're into overpriced. PF Changs? I kid, I kid.

    Define your 'scene' and you might get some better responses. O'Brien's and Jack's would fit some (polar opposite) 'scenes'. The Hungry Stick others.

    1. As rotochicken says, define what you want in a bar. It sounds like you are not into the pricy, pretty people type of bars. It also sounds like you've pretty much run through all the UTC options, though I don't see Trophy's listed [I'M KIDDING].

      I like Rock Bottom's beers (they allow for some locality in their individual locations, and the LJ often has some decent offerings IMHO), but as a bar it is sorely lacking. Probably the best of a non-existent lot, though that is not saying much.

      For the most part, however, your closest options for more traditional bars are in Clairemont / Kearny Mesa and in PB (hah!).

      1. Second the SOL. If you want to live in an area with bars nearby UTC is certainly not the place. Since you have to drive anyways you might as well hit up PB or the Gaslamp district.

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        1. re: mliew

          Or if you want to get sloshed and don't have a designated driver, take that long ride on MTS Route 30, and take a cab back.

        2. Kind of a random suggestion, but how about Porter's Pub at UCSD? They've got a pretty decent selection of beer and sometimes good bands playing. Kind of a fun crowd for a change of pace.

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          1. re: camilles

            Porter's Pub! I went there once and loved it. UCSD's best kept secret. How do I get there? Park etc? Maybe I can googlemap it?

            1. re: pickypicky

              The Porter's Pub website ( hasn't been updated in a while, but they've got pretty good directions:

              Directions From Highway 5

              **Exit La Jolla Village Dr -West
              **Right turn on Gilman Dr (Main entrance for UCSD
              )**Left turn at second stop sign (Stop signs on Gilman are numbered)
              **Parking lot for Student Center is immediately on your right
              **From parking lot, we are building on the right (Lots side delivery road comes to our back door)

          2. The original comment has been removed