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What about Kefi restaurant?

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Heading to the city in a few days and want to try Michael Psilakis' casual Greek-Med restaurant. What do you guys think about that choice?

FYI- I did not choose this restaurant because of its Greek influences, if anyone has other ideas, please keep Greek tavernas out of the conversation


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  1. I had a very good meal at Kefi, especially for the price. Don't expect the world, but know that I left saying that may have been the best meal I've had for the price.

    1. kefi's great. casual atmosphere. the meatballs are fantastic. i never order chicken at restaurants as an entree but kefi's i order almost every time. sweetbreads are excellent as well.

      1. The food has a good pqr but I find the new space to be too bright, both in terms of lighting and design. If you don't care too much about atmosphere it's a good meal for the money. But as UWStoSONO says "don't expect the world".

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          I'll second that. It is a little bright in there...one of my restaurant pet peeves.

        2. personally, i didn't care for it...

          here is my review and the resulting thread


          1. I liked the food at the 79th Street location.
            But, I only went once after they moved and was very disappointed.

            1. Had dinner with a good friend recently. Our first visit to Kefi and probably our last. I will add that I dined with the same friend at ONERA soon after it first opened and LOVED the food (and the service). We still talk about the food at ONERA to this day, and now lament its loss even more.

              Our rushed dinner at Kefi consisted of:

              Grilled Octopus, Bean Salad. At least a week old, probably more.

              Warm Feta, Tomatoes, Capers, Anchovy, Peppers, Olives, Pita Bread. Sad.

              House-made Cypriot Sausage, Cucumber, Radish, Olives, Tzatziki. This one made us laugh out loud. Definitely for the non-Greek clientele. Essentially a grilled version (I imagine) of the "Meatballs, Roasted Garlic, Olives, Tomato" on the menu. This "Cypriot Sausage" were cumin scented unlike 'seftalia' Cypriot Sausage and were not of any recipe found anywhere in Greece or Cyprus under that name. An easy and cheap way to use the same meatball recipe in a grilled and, later in the week, a sauced manner. It must help keep the costs down, I suppose.

              Sweetbreads, Spinach, Crispy Shallot, Garlic. Stodgy, dinner-like white wine sauce. Edible, but too much of the bottled caper-berry brine added to the sauce.

              Pork Medallions, Spicy Peppers, Capers, Lemon. I'm not sure if I am as adept as this kitchen in hiding two tiny pork 'medallions' under so much other 'stuff'. I missed this dish completely somewhere under all that 'stuff' and the bottled caper-berry brine.

              Lamb chops. Lamb chops were ordered medium by my friend and came ill prepared but of decent quality.

              Chips, Tzatziki. Refrigerator cold.???. The tzatziki here at Kefi is of the NYC "Greek" restaurant variety and nothing authentic about it, especially the taste. Some must like it as two ramekins came with these cold potato chips.

              A bottle of wine we were both familiar with. Both in taste and cost.

              Coffee and desserts came WITH the check.

              For a "taverna", still a poor example.

              Crappy service. Inattentive and typically "Greek" as in Astoria or the like.

              I hesitate to try Anthos.