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Jul 2, 2009 02:07 PM

What about Kefi restaurant?

Heading to the city in a few days and want to try Michael Psilakis' casual Greek-Med restaurant. What do you guys think about that choice?

FYI- I did not choose this restaurant because of its Greek influences, if anyone has other ideas, please keep Greek tavernas out of the conversation


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  1. I had a very good meal at Kefi, especially for the price. Don't expect the world, but know that I left saying that may have been the best meal I've had for the price.

    1. kefi's great. casual atmosphere. the meatballs are fantastic. i never order chicken at restaurants as an entree but kefi's i order almost every time. sweetbreads are excellent as well.

      1. The food has a good pqr but I find the new space to be too bright, both in terms of lighting and design. If you don't care too much about atmosphere it's a good meal for the money. But as UWStoSONO says "don't expect the world".

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          I'll second that. It is a little bright in of my restaurant pet peeves.

        2. personally, i didn't care for it...

          here is my review and the resulting thread

          1. I liked the food at the 79th Street location.
            But, I only went once after they moved and was very disappointed.