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Jul 2, 2009 01:56 PM

Pike Street Fish Fry

Revisited Fish Fry with a friend last week .. probably one of the mosy overwhelmingly awful food experiences I've had in a while.

Every item we ordered was dripping with fryer oil, there was absolutely no seasoning to speak of .. I watched/waited as our food came out and our food went straight from basket to serving container. The fried asparagus actually dripped onto the floor as I carried it. A little bit of sea salt would've made a huge difference.

I went straight away when they opened and I loved it ..but now it seems to be a place purely for those who need some grease to sop up their booze.

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  1. I agree, I think it's gone downhill a bit...I used to order it from my perch at Moe's regularly, and occasionally got a big mess, but I figured it was due to problems arising in the transfer from restaurant to bar. Nah, the restaurant has gotten at best uneven over the past maybe 6 months.

    Generally, the fried veggies still seem pretty safe, but I'll avoid the land animals altogether after the gristly mess that showed up the last time I tried the steak sandwich, yuck.

    It's shame, because I really want this place to be awesome!