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Jul 2, 2009 01:39 PM

What are your favorite Rehoboth/Dewey/Lewes restaurants?

I was wondering what DC and Baltimore visitors to the shore like.

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  1. I'm partial to Azafran and Fish On! in Lewes.

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      I like those two a lot also. I really love Azafran for coffee and their house-made granola over yogurt. I have had several excellent meals at Fish On!, but the shrimp and grits would probably be my favorite.

    2. I am fan of Fins in Rehoboth. They have great happy hour can get super busy though, so it's best to go early.

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      1. re: ronandaim

        The Fins happy hour is very nice. We plan to get back to Fins soon to have a lobster roll.

      2. for lunch I love Arena's Deli in Rehoboth
        IMHO the 2 best Del Beach Restaurants are in Bethany Beach- Defebo's for excellent Italian and Blue Coast for outstanding Seafood. Each of these restaurants are fantastic and would be considered great even if they were in DC

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        1. re: dining with doc

          Arena's is very popular. I was just there yesterday for coffee and a newspaper. There is an Arena's also on Highway One beside Big Fish Grille and then in The Villages of Five Points in Lewes.
          I am glad you think so highly of those Bethany restaurants. DeFebo's and Blue Coast are both much loved. In Bethany I also like The Cottage Cafe.

        2. I love Eden at Rehoboth Beach. They started out on the main drag, and did so well they bought a much larger space several years later. They have fantastic, spicy gazpacho, excellent cocktails, and very well done main courses. I've had everything from fish to ostrich to steak there, and it's been done to a turn. Their salads are nice and delicate. I look forward to eating at Eden every time I'm at the beach.

          If you get one of the booths with the sheer curtains cocooning you, it can be quite romantic.

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            I agree with the Eden recommendation and add Blue Moon. It has a looong history of serving great food.

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              Well I have never been to Eden or Blue Moon but look forward to trying them both now. Baltimore Avenue is just so appealing.

          2. Every time I come home, I have to go to Tijuana Taxi. I'm SO SAD it isn't on the avenue anymore, but I will trek to the highway for it. I love their affordable, many flavored frozen margaritas and the little plastic animals that come in them. I have a collection now that I call my plastic menagerie. I love that they've had the same cranky gay waiter forever, and I always get the Delaware nachos (spicy chicken, olives, onions, guac, sour cream). If you go during happy hour, prices are even cheaper. It's just my favorite tacky Mexican place.

            You can't visit slower lower without eating at Nicola's (get a Nic-o-boli or their baked ziti), Grotto's (it's an institution), or Louie's (just good pizza).

            Arena's is a local favorite and has good sandwiches but I can't wrap my mind around how pricey they are for just a sandwich.

            I recently discovered Shag (on Wilmington Ave). Funky, shiny, 70's inspired. I have only been for cocktails on a slow night but it was a lot of fun.