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Jul 2, 2009 01:38 PM

L'Escargot still good?

Is L'Escargot on Greek St still good? Last time I was there was a few years ago so I'm not sure if the food is still the same, especially since they have gotten a bit of bad press lately and lost their michelin star recently. I'm thinking about going there for dinner before Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre.

Are there other restaurants you would recommend for dinner before a show at the Lyceum Theatre? Thanks in advance.

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  1. St Alban is right around the corner.

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    1. re: batfink23

      Thanks for the suggestions - I'll definitely add it to my list of possible places for pre theatre dinner. But on a map, St Alban doesn't seem that close to the Lyceum Theatre - is that right? For instance, can you walk from the restaurant to the theatre? If so, how long does it take?

      Do you have any thoughts on Arbutus and Wild Honey, two other restaurants that have been recommended by others for pre theatre dinner?

      1. re: hong_kong_foodie

        St Alban is 2 maybe 3 minute walk at most.

        its less than 150 metres.

        1. re: batfink23

          Think you got the wrong place. Lyceum is at the other end of the Strand from St Alban.

          15 mins walk and the other side of Trafalgar Sq.

          Wild Honey and Arbutus are good pre-theatre, but there's limited choice and I've sometimes been stuck between two options neither of which really appeal.

          L'Escargot is one of my favourites.

          1. re: Associate

            Hi Associate -

            Thanks for your input. I've been to L'Escargot a few times over the years and enjoyed the food, but I heard that the restaurant recently lost their Michelin star so I'm just wondering if it's still as good as before. Have you been there recently?

            At the moment I've made reservations at Terroirs for pre theatre (they don't have a special menu, but I thought it would work nonetheless) and Arbutus for post theatre (where they have an actual menu, as you know).

            Thanks again.

            1. re: hong_kong_foodie

              Sorry didn't see your message before.

              Was actually there last night. Don't understand why it lost its star, I think the food is just as good as it always was. It's not particularly adventurous, but it is always well executed. Had an excellent tuna and radish salad with raisins as starter last night, then scallops with risotto and a banana and caramel parfait to end. In an area devoid of really good restaurants, l'Escargot is very consistent. Service was a bit patchy last night, wondered if it might have been 'summer staff' working.