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Jul 2, 2009 01:22 PM

P.Terry's #3

Saw a new one under construction on Wm. Cannon just west of Mopac. It looked like it is a month or so away from opening.

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  1. I don't get it. I've been to the P. Terry's on N. Lamar around 35th street and frankly I can't understand what all the fuss is about. Its a mediocre hamburger for $2. I have to tell you that 2 McDoubles for the price of 1 p.terry's is a better deal. The burger tastes like cardboard, its small and the toppings are just adequate. The line is long for no apparent reason. Is it just me? I have to admit that the frys are pretty good, but nothing to write home about. There are lots of better burgers, just not lots of better $2 burgers I guess. I think that value wise the $1.39 jumbo Jack packs a much better punch than these guys do. Just one man's opinion.

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    1. re: edberliner

      I'm afraid I have to agree about the burger at P.Terry's...while I liked the fresh ingredients it just wasn't that isn't one of the top burgers by a longshot. I don't get the huge lines.

      However, when I last was forced to go there I did try their chicken burger instead and I found it quite delightlful. Well seasoned, and didn't have that mealy texture that ground chicken can sometimes have...I think it is mostly breast meat...but not sure. So, I think if I continue to go that's probably what I'll order from now on. Anyone else a like the chicken burger?

      1. re: MattC02

        The P.Terry's phenom is just people responding to snappy signage and the word 'organic'. The burgers themselves are gray, flavorless hockey pucks. I understand that the idea is to have an In-n'-Out style restaurant (right down to the cloying thousand island dressing they put on it), but I've never been impressed. They do have terrific milkshakes though.

      2. re: edberliner

        Several people have told me how good the fries there were but I found them pretty limp and not special. Maybe I hit on a bad day. I prefer the old Short Stop that the original location replaced.

        1. re: edberliner

          It has nothing to do with cost that makes the P Terry's a good burger. The food is fresh and never frozen. The beef is Black Angus. Vegetables are always fresh and tomatoes are local. This is a little better than the 2 Mc Doubles or the Jack Pack as you mentioned. I would try the P Terry's again.

          1. re: mkbailey123

            What does "Black Angus" even mean, anyhow? What is that, from a technical perspective?

          2. re: edberliner

            Sadly, I'm with the majority here...I love to support local business but the burgers at P. Terry's just don't do it for me. Too dry, no seasonings. I do like the fresh cut taste of their fries but they aren't terribly crisp. I'd rather spend my money at Sandy's if I'm in that area of town and have a burger craving. At least there I can get frozen custard for dessert. P. Terry's does have EXCELLENT style with their "snappy signage" and retro feel.

            1. re: Kaya_n_Austin

              I agree they are too dry. However you can ask for your burger medium and I find it MUCH better. It won't take any longer either, unlike Mighty Fine.

            2. re: edberliner

              Gotta say I really like P.Terry's - at least the one on S. Lamar. I find the burgers extremely tasty and fresh. The fries are fine - nothing special. My only complaint is that the patties are too small! I think Mighty Fine does a great job on their burgers as well, but I think P.Terry's condiments are better (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc..).

            3. Can't speak to the beef burgers, but the chicken burger and the veggie burgers are good. I have to agree, though, that the fries aren't crisp like they used to be.

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              1. re: nibs

                If I am in that area (S. Lamar), then Hat Creek or Sandy's get my skinny burger dollar before P. Terry's. Hat Creek is also fresh never frozen, but with seasoning and excellent fries.

              2. okay....clearly you all don't get it. yes, you can definitely buy a cheaper burger and you may be able to buy a tastier burger, but this is a burger you can have a clean conscience while eating. it's not about the sign, it's about where your cow, potatoes, and all else, is coming from. in this day and age we all have to THINK about where our food is coming from and we should be grateful there is a place like P. Terry's where we can rest assured the cows weren't sitting in their own shiat eating their uncles hooves before they came to our bag. have any of you even read fast food nation? Jack and the Box, really???

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                1. re: silke

                  I love it because I trust what I am eating, and trust that the environment it was prepared in was clean. I enjoy my food much more knowing this.

                  1. re: silke

                    Silke took the words right out of my mouth. I like their burgers and the produce is always fresh. There is cheaper, but fresh and clean all day everyday is a good thing. I think Patrick does a good job and if you ever get to talk to him at one of the stores you'll understand he really cares about the product he serves.

                  2. Just to briefly respond to El General: I do get it! Black Angus is just a brand, like Kirkland is a brand, like Tide is a brand. The Black Angus cow makes up about 51% of all the cows in the good old USA, and guess what, McDonalds sells a Black Angus Burger, and so does Jack in the don't get so all high and mighty, that Black Angus Cow was processed at the same plant the one that couldn't walk was processed at, packed in the same boxes and shipped to P. Terry, or M.cDonalds or J. Box, so I do get it. This burger isn't any better for you than the McDouble, don't be fooled by the name. There is no humane way to kill something to eat it...if you want to be humane eat a head of lettuce, no screaming there! By the way the chickens suffer too! MMMMM tasty.

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                    1. re: edberliner

                      I have to interject, edberliner. P. Terry's Black Angus beef is from a ranch that sells hormone and antibiotic free and vegetarian fed beef. Also, the cows are "humanely treated," as their mission states. I really doubt the meat at Jack in the Box or McDonald's is nearly the same quality. The decision to eat at a place like P. Terry's shouldn't be based on what's good for you health-wise, since um... it's a burger... but what's good for your own conscience.

                      1. re: TerryMtz

                        Just so you know, ALL cows are vegetarian, so any claim you make that the beef served at P. Terry's is superior based on this fact is simply ludicrous.


                        1. re: agoodbite

                          In the past, some sketchy farms did feed animal proteins to their cows but the US government banned that practice after mad cow disease hit. It's likely the ranch P. Terry's uses is referring to that old practice in their 100% vegetarian-fed claim.

                          1. re: agoodbite

                            Umm, yeah we know they are supposed to be vegetarian.
                            TerryMtz is right though. It's in wikipedia, so its indisputable.