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Jul 2, 2009 12:58 PM

Tasty Late-ish Dinner--Palo Alto region/ Stanford

Hi! I am new to this board as I am visiting Stanford for the summer. My partner is flying in tonight. We will probably be back in the Palo Alto area, but are open to the small communities nearby, between 9-10. I am not a very good navigator so thought late night dinner nearby would be good!

We are students and vegetarians--but we love everything! Maybe no Mexican unless it's great California style (we live in Texas and eat wonderful Mexican weekly... or daily). Asian food would be nice to hear about, but we are open to other flavors! Entrees closer to the 10 dollar range would be appreciated. Under 15 for sure! :)

Thank you very much!

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  1. Ok, two options for you.

    In downtown palo alto, univeristy ave, Cafe 220 is a falafel/kabab place that's open until midnight. Good food, $10 easy.

    But for asian, try driving 8 minutes further south to Mountain View. One restaurant, Fu Lam Mum, is open (and hopping) until midnight. Hong Kong Style. They have two late night special lists, a dim sum list and a regular list, with sub $10 plates. And the place is good. It's a straight shot from the freeway on Moffit which turns into Castro, so as long as you look it up first (or bring your iphone), you'll be fine. Also, in the same building, Hong Kong Bistro, which is also open late but has weird hong kong specialties, like pork chops and spaghetti. Apparently these are actual foods eaten in Hong Kong, because the place is always packed with 20-something hong kong kids. Check both menus and eat what you like.

    Yes, a bunch of the other options are mexican, like the El Gruense windows on El Camino.

    The late night eats scene in general is a little grim. This ain't new york.

    I'm sure there's another late night chinese option closer to the airport, but I'm not as intimately familiar with Millbrea's options. Perhaps someone else will chime in.

    Fu Lam Mum
    246 Castro St, Mountain View, CA

    Cafe 220
    220 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301

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      Hey thanks! I actually defaulted to Pizza My Heart because everyone except me wanted pizza. I am especially interested in this Fu Lam Mum--hope to get there this summer!

      1. re: lauralakoala

        The trick to Pizza My Heart is to order "A Go Go style" if you're ordering a whole pie. Pizza A Go Go was a different joint which was subsumed by the Pizza My Heart juggernaut. A Go Go style is a thinner, tastier crust - and you'll feel like an insider.

        If you are the late night student type, make the pilgramage to Fu Lam Mum, and go up and try what we call mexican around here at the El Grulense's - although I don't know from meatless. I understand what we have here is *different* from texas.

        1. re: bbulkow


          Pizza My Heart
          220 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301

          1. re: rworange

            Thanks for the A Go Go Tip--it was better! I felt very special as well. :)

      2. re: bbulkow

        Took a huge group to Fu Lam Mum on the board's recommendation--I think everyone left happy! I had some amazing braised tofu and kind of indulgent crispy fried noodles. The place was totally crazy and fun. The person I spoke with said they seat 378 people. It was almost full by 5:30 and they open at 5:00. Most people I was with ordered meat, so I didn't try it, but you can definitely order family style. Thanks chowhounds!!

      3. I've been in a rut. 10:30 pm dinner at Fu Lam Mum.

        Choose 3 dim sum for 9 bucks.
        I get the pea shoot dumplings,
        the shrimp and chive,
        and one other. Today was tofu skins. When GF comes, it's BBQ pork. The leaf wrapped sticky rice is good.

        It's not like eating dim sum on a sunday morning when it's crazy and the A team is cooking. It's a vastly reduced menu, but it hits the spot.

        And I order a small dish, either from the late night menu or the main menu. Today I came in with a BBQ pork jones, and there it was, Hong Kong Style BBQ Pork, $9. A good sized plate with the correct funny red color. A little crispness, not too dry, not too wet. Nothing else on the plate, just a lot of BBQ pork.

        I think they're getting used to me now. I sit by the door where a younger guy works. He takes my orders quick, unlike the two ladies, who seems to vanish. In and out in 30 minutes now.

        Mmmm, late night dim sum.

        Fu Lam Mum
        155 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041