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Jul 2, 2009 12:51 PM

Pides at Alara

I've recently been enjoying pides at a Turkish-run restaurant on Sheppard Ave. E.

Disclaimer: They have a huge variety. I've only tried the vegetarian offerings. I've never had pide before, so I make no claims that these will be as good as the ones you had in Istanbul at that little stand on the east side of the coffee bar by the Bosporus. I just know what I like.

Pide 1 was a spinach/feta cheese combo.
Pide 2 was their "mixed vegetable" offering, which added some red pepper, onion, and frozen peas and carrots (!) to the mix.

I enjoyed pide 1 a bit more, just because I don't think you should add frozen peas and carrots to anything at a restaurant, unless you are in a diner. Crusts on both were excellent, and both came with some raw onions and parsley on the side, which really kicked things up when I mixed them all in with a piece of pide.

Other food is on hand of the standard souvlaki type offerings. I haven't tried them, but others at work have and say they are tasty.

The space itself is quite nice, service is good. There is a patio if you enjoy gas fumes and a not very inspiring view, but it might be OK at night. I think they offer live entertainment on some nights, as there was an older gentleman warming up his keyboard one night when I was there a bit later.

I've attached a link, but I think the map is wrong and the restaurant is a bit more easterly, in "The Shoppes of Brian Village".

Alara Restaurant
2044 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M2J, CA

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  1. Today I picked up a Pide at Pizza Pide on Gerrard, and asked the guy behind the counter where the person that I used to originally see at Pizza Pide had gone as I hadn't seen him since last fall. He said that he sold the place and opened Alara on Sheppard Ave. I posted this so people know that he's the one who opened Pizza Pide.

    1. Haven't been there yet, closed on Canada Day, a surprise, talked to another couple who also disappoionted at closure, friends advised them to go and they drove down from Newmarket.

      1. Tried Alara tonight for dinner. Had the "Assorted" Pide and a Turkish sausage/mozarella Pide. Both were very good. All Pide's are $9.99 .

        Also had the chicken souvlaki and Kofta. The chicken was good and the Kofta was a bit spicy which was tempered by yogurt.

        Food was good, fresh and reasonable. Place is fairly big and the service was very good. The server brought extra salad's even though I didn't order it.

        There was live entertainment - a guy playing a guitar and he sang.

        I'll be back. If you never tried Pide, give it a go.