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Jul 2, 2009 12:38 PM

How do you tame too hot salsa?

I followed a recipe for roasted tomatillo salsa. The directions warned against removing the jalapeno seeds but I should known it would be too hot. I already add another tomato and I'm not sure what else to do. Maybe I could buy and roast several more tomatillos? Or possibly serve it with something cooling, like over cream cheese?

Has anyone been in this situation before?

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  1. Some lemon juice might help.

    1. If you want to maintain the integrity of the salsa...the only thing to do is make another batch with no jalapeno and mix the two together...Then you will have Roasted Tomatilla Salsa per your recipe....Adding additional "stuff" will only morph it into something entirely different from your intentions...


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        Best advice I've read! When I make salsa, or anything with fresh minced chiles for that matter, I always seed and devein the chiles first -- that's where the extreme heat lives -- and set them aside. Then when the salsa is finished, if it needs more heat, it's not a problem to mince some of the veins and add seeds and veins a little at a time until I reach the desired level of "picante". And wear gloves!!!

      2. If you planned to serve it as a dip, I think mixing with sour cream or cream cheese would be fine. If not, I agree that the best way is to make a second batch or half batch and mix together. You could try a squeeze of lime, but I don't know that it will be enough.

        1. I just made some tomatillo sauce a couple of days ago. Still working on if I want enchiladas or something else. I don't add tomates to mine. It's chicken broth (knorrs boullion-that's how mmy Mexican friends make it) and jalapeno or serrano. The last batch I made was like yours a little on the hot side. So I bought a couple more tomatillos, added more chicken boullion and water, pureed it and it was much better.

          This last batch, I had a couple of Anaheim chilis that I needed to use, so I charred and peeled them and they went in. Don't add sugar. The tomatillos are tart enough, you really don't need citrus, and then it starts taste different. Just add more tomatillos and go that route. How much can about 6 tomatillos run you?

          1. Add more tomato and a shake of sugar. If you add the tomato and it is too tomatoey then you will need to add a little bit of everything else you added (except the pepper of course). If you cannot do any of that and you have all sorts of time - go thru and try to pick out as many of the pepper seeds as possible. Those are the real culprits. If you dump the salsa in a collander with big holes you may be able to get quite a few of those seeds out with the liquid that remains (capture the liquid in a bowl below the collander.