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Im looking for the best cup cakes in my area
Seattle or Everett

I want to know the best place
that has the moist goodness taste of
the best cup cake ever!!!!

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  1. My favorite is Trophy Cupcakes. Not only do they have great flavors and cake, but the frosting ratio is much better than all the other places in Seattle.

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    1. re: bergeo

      When you say "The frosting ratio is much better", you mean they put a ridiculous amount of frosting on, right?

      Too much for me...

      It's become a little passe, but I'm still a Royale guy.

    2. A meeting took me to 4th Ave this week and afterwards a friend and I wanted to sit and chat. Next to our meeting place was the The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. Super cute (small) place. My friend and I split the coconut and the almond cupcakes (unfortunately, she's allergic to chocolate) - they were easily the best cupcakes I've had. Super moist cake and icing that was amazingly light. I asked the owner (?) what the top 3 were and he pointed to the Tomato Soup, German Chocolate, and Red Velvet.

      Great tea selection. No espresso - but french press coffee.


      1. I vote for "Trophy" cupcakes....creative & delicious & not toooo sweet....and just enough icing. The 'Royale' cupcakes were disappointing IMO...not enough flavor in the cake and lackluster, sugary & rich too-much buttercream. Their salted caramel cupcakes tasted awful...and they were a bit stale in texture.

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        1. re: staffstuff

          I agree on both counts. Trophy cupcakes are the best and Cupcake Royale are way too sweet with not a lot of flavor.

        2. Ive tried Trophy Cupcakes
          and it was really good!!!
          the frosting was amazing!
          I liked the
          Strawberry Cheese Cake
          Humming Bird
          Upside down pineapple
          those are the ones i liked
          red velvet was alright but it wasnt the best

          1. Yellow Leaf > Trophy > Royale