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Jul 2, 2009 12:21 PM

fenugreek seeds?

Hi all,

As always, CHers have come up tops with with sl. esoteric questions, I'm hoping they can do so again.

I've tried to locate fenugreek seeds today, with no luck: wholefoods/stop n' shop/ trader joes were all blanks.

Does someone know where I might get some? We live in Brookline village -- happy to travel a bit, but prefer somewhere this side of the river.



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  1. The Indian markets will have them. Good prices too. If they don't I believe South End Food emporium on Columbus ave will.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      Which Indian markets? I know of one in Cambridge, near Central. Are there any near Brookline/Boston?



      1. re: trueblu

        I can't say whether they have fenugreek seeds, but there is an Indian market IN Brookline Village (on Washington one block closer to Washington Square than the Library). Good luck!

        1. re: trueblu

          OK...I seem to be having some bad luck: I've called South End food emporium, Kashmir Food and Spices, and Madras Masala -- all with no luck. Other suggestions welcome.


          1. re: trueblu

            Have you tried asking for them by their name in Hindi - methi? Make sure to ask for methi seeds; if you just say methi you might be pointed out a bunch of greens that are quite delicious but not what you need. If these stores do not have methi, that is a real shocker, as fenugreek is a common component in may Indian spice blends.

            Oh, but the way, if you need powdered fenugreek be sure to get it in that form. The whole seeds are very very hard and are difficult to grind into powder.

      2. Penzy's in Arlington carries them, but that is a bit of a trek for a few seeds.

        1. polcari's coffee in the north end

          1. I bought them about two weeks ago at the indian market next to Harvest in Central square.

            Off topic, but I bought them for use trying recipes from a book called Curried Flavors which I've found to be very good for someone learning to cook Indian food. I had previously tried the famous Madhur Joffrey cookbook, and felt it was a bit "First milk the cow, churn butter, then cook on a wood fire to make your own ghee". That may be the most authentic way , but it was too much for me!

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              I was going to suggest that place and Harvest Co-op, the advantage to Harvest would be that you could buy in smaller amounts from the weigh-it-youself spice section.

            2. I bought some a while back at Formaggio in Cambridge, and they might have it at the South End store. I'd call, though.