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Jul 2, 2009 11:59 AM

"Must dos" for a weekend in Manhattan

Heading to NYC for a weekend of eating, pretty much that's the plan. Have reservations at top steak and sushi places, plus plans are to hit Crif Dogs, Shake Shack, and maybe Pinkberry (I know it is an LA thing but they have not yet come to DC).

Any other suggestions for "must dos"? We'll probably go to a cupcake place even though DC has plenty of those. Prefer something unique-to-NYC and really, really good. Price is not an issue as it is a weekend splurge.

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  1. Must do should include the food the town is known for - go to places for Pizza, bagel and cheese cake.

    1. Ess-a-Bagel is a must. Avoid Pinkberry like the plague, have a sweet delicious cupcake at Billy's in defiance of the scourge of tart yogurt.

      1. pretty simple.

        Katz's for a hot pastrami is a must. Bagels from Ess-a-Bagel or H&H is a must. Cheesecake from Juniors is a must. Pizza from a place that is convenient for you and highly regarded is a must (preferably brooklyn but i'm snobby about my pizza like that).

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          If you guys are talking about great bagel places, I would throw Murray's Bagels into the mix. About the original post, I would recommend Momofuku Ssam Bar for a true foodie experience.

        2. Drink large amount of kettle one, New York ice makes all the difference in the world! Why else are the pizza and bagels so good?!?!?

          1. Barney Greengrass for breakfast/brunch/lunch