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Jul 2, 2009 11:55 AM

Pizza near Maytown

I've just moved from the west end of Lancaster City to the bustling metropolis of Maytown.

Although I know a few folks there already, none seemed forthcoming with the best pizza joints in any of the nearby localities: E-town, Marietta and Mount Joy.

More likely, they just couldn't appreciate the differences that I'm sure exist. So, I turn to you.

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  1. Well, I don't think that any of the pizza around here is that good.... but, in E-town, the general consensus is that P&J on E. High St., just off the square is the best tasting. The problem is that the service is horrendous, and it takes them like an hour to make your pizza - generally because all the family members are too busy arguing to actually make the food. I live on the S. end of town - actually in W. Donegal, so I tend to go to My Place out of convenience. I have to admit, I don't really enjoy it all that much. Since you are in Maytown, I would go to the new Cafe Capriccio. They also have a place in LItitz, which I always considered quite good - used to live right up the road in Warwick Twp. Haven't had the pizza at the new location, but I always thought Capriccio's in LItitz was pretty damn good if you are basing it on Lanc. Co. standards and the other items on the menu are pretty good So. Italian fare as well.

    I used to live in Bucks Co, and I was amazed at the higher quality and general increase in availability of pizza and other Italian items out there. It totally spoiled me, so now that I live back here in central pa, I don't like any of the pizza, to be honest. I prefer to make my own. When the kids are demanding and I don't feel like cooking, Metro suits me just fine for sustenance if not taste.

    I'm curious as to the best place for pizza in the city.

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      Thanks. I just had Brother's from E-Town and was not impressed. Will try Capriccio's next.

      In the city, we grew fond of the recently opened Pat's. I also enjoyed Dominion on Columbia. I hear you about Metro...we used to live on that stuff in college. Tastes better left out the next morning.

    2. Someone just tipped me off to Little Italy in Bainbridge. I'll add them to my list also.

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        LOL! Never had it, but my daughter is in kindergarten with the owner's daughter - apparently, they brought pizza to school a lot this year... of course, for 5 y.o.'s as long as you call it pizza, it's good!