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Jul 2, 2009 11:34 AM

New store wher South End Super 88 was

What used to be the Super 88 on the edge of the South End (Herald & Washington) is now something else... every day my bus goes by and I cannot for the life of me make out the name on the sign, which is either because the bus windows are covered in rain and fog or because I never remember my glasses. Regardless, has anyone checked it out?

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  1. It's now C-Mart, which is a different Chinese grocery chain. There's one in a basement in Chinatown proper, around the corner from East Ocean CIty, and another in the same block as Hei La Moon. Good amount of produce and frozen items, less crowded than Mings. I don't think the seafood or meat selections are as comprehensive than Mings, though.

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      thanks! Have not been to a C-Mart before. Is it strictly Chinese or do they have ingredients for other Asian cuisines too?

      1. re: Kitamonster

        Primarily Chinese, but I'm sure you can find nori and fish sauce and such.

        1. re: Kitamonster

          you could also find thai curry pastes and a variety of south east asian seasonings. as for thai and cambodian fresh herbs, it doesn't go much beyond basil and lemongrass i'm afraid.