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Jul 2, 2009 11:33 AM

is there a brick and mortar ot hodge chili parlor in st louis anymore?

I am traveling to St. Louis this weekend and have a serious hankering for OT Hodges chili. The last time i visited there was a place in the suburbs but not sure if it is still in business. Can someone confirm? If not can you suggest alternative places for chili in addition to Steak n' Shake?

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  1. I am not a chili eater, but I will swear I walked by an O T Hodge downtown recently. It had a sign: free smells. It was about a half block west of the Hyatt (which used to be the Adam's Mark).

    1. This link shows a menu for one in Florissant. I called the # but got a normal answering machine....

      Further searching got me here-
      Which shows a downtown location, also closed.

      I think the one in the county must have been one on Watson Road.

      I believe they may all be gone.

      I hear The Shaved Duck has a few different good Chilis...


      1. several years ago the place that was O. T. Hodges became "St. Louis Chili Parlor". Guess the person who owned the name wanted out or something. Anyway, this is the same place as O. T. - same wait staff, same menu everything. It's right next to Jimmie John's - can't remember the street name.

        1. Crown Candy serves edmund's chili and tamales....same as OT Hodges.

          1. The original comment has been removed