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Jul 2, 2009 10:57 AM

Farmstead being Renovated

I was disappointed last week when I was almost in the neighborhood of Wayland Square. We made a side trip up to Farmstead to find it closed for 2 months of renovations! La Laiterie is fully open and functional, and the sign on Farmstead's Door pointed out that their Downcity location was open as well. After 10 minutes of looking for a parking space in down town, we threw up our hands and gave up. That seems to happen to me often when I go anywhere downtown.

So all of you cheese lovers who only occaisionally get out to Wayland square, don't get your hopes up. Argue with the parking deities downtown or resolve yourself to a cheese-poor summer.

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  1. Farmstead downtown is a complete and utter disappointment. Have been twice now and have been met with way too much attitude, which was only matched by their high prices and low assortment. I'd rather wait for the renovation of Wayland Sq. Seems too bad when a company expands and the owner doesn't seem to mind the minions elsewhere.