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Jul 2, 2009 10:33 AM

Park Row - Waterbury, VT

I haven't had lunch here in a very long time, mostly because I just forget it's there, and I didn't think they took credit cards and I hardly ever have cash. Well they DO take credit cards, so I went. :)

They serve breakfast and lunch. Lunch is soups and sandwiches and wraps. From the menu it looks like breakfast is omelets and breakfast sandwiches.

I got a half sandwich and cup of soup lunch special. Gazpacho and an egg salad sandwich for $6.50 (tax included).

The gazpacho was wonderful. Tomatoey and fresh, with a nice garlicky bite, small minced veggies, and an interesting herby/peppery after taste. If there's cilantro in it, I can't taste it (which is a good thing for me). I'm very glad I got this.

The egg salad I got so I could compare to the egg salad I like so much from Kelli's Grill. The egg salad was a good protein base for the sandwich, but I was glad I got cucumber, onion, and bell pepper as well as mustard and cheddar. :) There wasn't much in the egg salad other than egg and mayo. I usually like some onion and mustard in mine. That being said, the egg salad combined with the wonderfully chewy-crusted and flavourful white bread, and the other toppings, was -wonderful-. Fresh, tasty, and plenty filling.

Now I'm going to have to alternate between Kelli's and Park Row!

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  1. I've had breakfast there a couple of times this year, "business" breakfasts, and it's pretty good, the omelettes are very good, but I love the blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon. Yum.

    And it is 100 times better than the junk they serve at the highly overrated Penny Cluse in Burlington.

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      Glad you were able to work in a dig of Penny Cluse there.

    2. I've led a bike tour from Gordon Landing to Montreal over Memorial Day weekend the past 25 years and we used to stay in Middlesex and for maybe 5 years had breakfast here. The food is excellent and they did a great job of getting 24 people fed and out the door within an hour, while still dealing with their regulars (at least the ones lucky enough to arrive before we did). I do find their homemade bread/toast a bit heavy. To paraphrase SoTT, it's 100 times better than Libby's, where we've been the past three years as we're spending Thursday night in Colchester now.

      Unlike Morganna, I like cilantro (while admitting it is an acquired taste - I hated it the first time) and my gazpacho chunky.