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Jul 2, 2009 10:12 AM

Vegan meal between LAX and Valley

Picking up a vegan friend at LAX next friday and coming to the Valley. Any good vegan joints on the westside? I never get to that part of town so I'm in the dark.

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  1. Closest easiest would be LA Vegan. Haven't tried it but heard relatively good things. Don't think it's a "nice" spot though.

    Best bet though slightly out of the way (though only about 15 mins assuming you're taking the 405) is M Cafe

    M Cafe De Chaya
    9343 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

    LA Vegan
    4507 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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    1. re: Discokill

      imho, the food at m cafe de chaya is far superior to the food at LA vegan.

      irrc, they close early in the evening though, so check the hours.

      1. re: westsidegal

        Just a note that while I love M Cafe de Chaya, it is NOT a vegan restaurant but a macrobiotic one. It's easy to eat there as a vegan but they do serve fish (no meat, and no dairy).

        I would still go, were I a vegan -- just for the cold salads alone I'd go -- but just in case they flip out at the cold salmon in the display case...

        My other suggestion is not in the Westside but the Valley -- I really like Madeleine Bistro in Tarzana. I've had some really good dishes there like tofu and sweet potato Thai red curry, and porcini mushrooms crusted with arborio rice, and an amazing "lasagna" that contained a cashew-based "cheese" indistinguishable from ricotta.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Hi Das,

          Would you say you enjoyed your meal at M Cafe de Chaya more, or Madeleine Bistro? (Read your Chaya review and will be trying it soon. :)

      2. re: Discokill

        I took an out town guest to LA Vegan and everyone loved it...it is not fancy but the food is good and so was the service..not expensive at all

      3. Hal's on Abbott Kinney in Venice has vegan options.

        1. There's a Veggie Grill in El Segundo. It's awesome and 100% vegan.

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          1. re: choctastic

            Veggie Grill has the best sweet potato French fries I've ever had.

          2. Just had lunch at Native Foods in Westwood today - totally vegan. I had the Ghandi bowl with curry sauce and it was terrific


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            1. re: goodcookin

              next time try my favorite bowl: the rockin morrocan.
              if you like the ghandi bowl, my bet is that you'll also like the rockin morrocan.

            2. There is a new vegan restaurant in Inglewood (about 5 miles from LAX) that I have not been to yet but have heard good things about.

              Stuff I Eat

              I just noticed the date on the original post- no flight is ever delayed this long!

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              1. re: swtcrm

                I've been hearing good things about Stuff I Eat.

                1. re: swtcrm

                  their menu looks great and they are NEAR me.
                  i'm putting them on my list.
                  thank you, swtcrm, for the lead

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    report back if you go. i hope to make it soon.