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Hello. I'm going to Stratford on Saturday to catch a matinee. We'll probably want to either have lunch beforehand or dinner afterwards. Any suggestions? We more or less like everything. I saw an old post here but it's two years old. Thanks!

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  1. Oops - I didn't see the May 2009 posting. But, if anyone has anything new to add, please share!

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      Someone in the May thread recommended Down The Street and provided a link. I've eaten there several times, most recently in March. It's a really charming place. Friendly service, unpretentious atmosphere. Solid bistro fare.

      Also, Balzac's cafe is nice spot to unwind with a tea or coffee. It's the original, I think.

    2. I love York Street Kitchen's lunch sandwiches:


      There is a long line usually but you can take them away and eat them along the river.

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        York Street Kitchen is great for lunchtime sandwiches. Nice breakfast options too. I haven't been in a year or so, but, have always been happy in the past.

        Get the brownie or the buttertart (made with puff) as well.