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Jul 2, 2009 09:44 AM

Devils on Horseback? [Ldn]

I love Devils on Horseback and have heard about them being a "classic British bar snack" - and yet the only two places I've found them are The Hind's Head in Bray... and in NYC at the Spotted Pig.

Does anyone know of an upscale (or downscale!) pub in London that actually serves them??

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  1. Snag a few at the Roast to Go stand in Borough Market and bring them over to the Market Porter.

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    1. re: CTownFeedR

      The Grenadier in Knightsbridge (which if you haven't been is exquisite - almost too much so - oak panelled conversion of the old grenadier guards officers' mess down a mews, much beloved by monied locals and tourists alike) usually has both devils and angels on horseback. Call ahead to check. If you do go, please have the Bloody Mary. Classic. I was always rather partial to their 'sausage on a stick' bar snack too, which was exactly what it said on the tin...

    2. I think Heston must like that snack. I found his recipe for the devils here. We go to the Hinds Head once in awhile, but I've never tried them.

      1. "have heard about them being a "classic British bar snack"

        No, they're not. Which is why you might struggle to find them.

        You might find find them at an "event" where they could appear as a canape. They are also a classic "savoury" but it's many years since I last saw them on a dessert menu anywhere (last time I saw them - apart from a supermarket version - was on a P & O cruise around 1990). We should start a campaign to bring back savouries - great way to end a meal.

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          Good point John. I remember them from my youth, they are a classic cocktail party snack; devils and angels on horseback, cocktail sausages, vol-a-vents and bowls of twiglets. Definitely not a traditional bar snack.

          1. re: PhilD

            By 'eck, you must have gone to posh parties.

            We were more your cheese & pineapple on a stick crew (and vol-a-vents, of course)

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              We were very posh. People served 'pigs in blankets' and jello molds. I remember something called roumaki, too. My mother's specialité was chopped chicken livers with mayonnaise served on crackers. We stray.....