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Jul 2, 2009 09:33 AM

Must haves at Morimoto?

My girlfriend and I will be dining at Morimoto next weekend; neither of us have been and are very much looking forward to it. From apps to entrees to desserts, what are the must eats?

(within walking distance, post-dinner dessert recs appreciated as well!)

Thanks very much!

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  1. Get one of the omikazes. It's a great way to try all of his stuff (if he is ever there anymore).

    1. the table-side made tofu.

      1. I went there with my husband and we got the omakase for $120 and the sake flight for $30 to accompany our meal. It was pretty fantastic, and the restaurant itself is really well designed.

        From what I recall, this is what we got.

        O-Toro tuna tartare in a light soy sauce
        Kumamoto oysters (3)
        Scallop carpaccio with lime oil
        Jackfish sashimi w/watercress salad & yuzu vinaigrette (delish)
        Lemon grass sorbet
        8-spice steamed lobster
        kobe beef seared
        sushi (yellowtail, toro, some clam, jackfish, red snapper)
        chocolate soufflet w/lavender mousse... the mousse was outstanding

        Enjoy! And report back.

        1. Thanks very much for the tips. I am thinking of going with the $120 Omakase and possibly the larger chef's combination. I am assuming this would offer a nice variety of their best dishes. The table-side prepared tofu does sound appealing as well. I will try to report back.

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            When I went with my GF, we each got the larger Omakase. We split the drink accompaniment. This was a good arrangement, since we're both lightweights.

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              If you order the $120 omakase, this is an approximation of what you will receive...

              Toro tartare topped with scallions and osetra caviar.

              Some type of oyster sampler. There were three quarter-sized oysters, each topped with something different (japanese salsa, thai fish sauce, and ceviche).

              Scallop carpaccio topped with ginger and warm oil.

              Sashimi salad

              A black vinegar "soda" intermezzo

              Lobster Epice

              Seared Wagyu Beef "sashimi" topped with cilantro oil and abalone.

              A sushi sampler

              Dessert was a sweet potato cake accompanied by some type of cream and berry.

            2. I did the omakase, it was a little different that ones already described. One of the courses was soba noodle carbonara with edemame which was out of this world. It's on the regular menu. The rock shrimp tempura is also very tasty.

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