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Jul 2, 2009 09:27 AM

Rome recommendations

We are a family with 2 daughters, ages 12 & 16. We'll be in Rome in August and are looking to try some favorites of the locals. We'll be travelling for a couple of weeks and so would like to keep budgets down <100 euro per meal. Thanks!

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  1. You and your daughters will have a great time.
    Search this Italy board for Rome and you will find plenty of suggestions
    When last in Rome, my daughters loved Armando al Pantheon, Sora Margherita, Volpetti Piu ( a casual cafeteria style place) for example, but there are many others in your price range,

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      Thanks. I tried the search but there is really a lot to get through. We're interested in more casual/lower cost options and it is not easy at all to sift through.

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        If you use the words "budget" and "Rome" in your search, you'll get a more focused list of hits. "Low cost" and "cheap" would be other terms you could use to improve the utility of your search.

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          Try modifying your search with rome teenagers or rome inexpensive, it will pull up several relevant threads. Slowfood is also a great source of reccs for traditional and reasonably priced places.

          If you are over by the Vatican Museums, L'Isola della Pizza can be a good lunch stop (Pizza and other things - lunch Pizza is rare in rome)

      2. We just got back and have one thumbs up and one thumbs down to report. On the plus side, we loved a small and under-reported restaurant called La Taverna dei Monti on 41 via del Boschetto, just off Via Nazionale (tel: 06 4817724). We were two adults and two teenage boys. We had a first course of white anchovies; melon/proscuitto, and mixed green salad. Primo courses were pasta with lobster and tomato sauce, and ravioli with cream sauce with langostinos. Second courses were veal escallopine with lemon (excellent!), grilled veal chop (very meaty and rich); roasted lamb (falling off the bone, so good); and side dishes of spinach in butter sauce and roasted peppers. Service was friendly and attentive. With a half-carafe of red wine and extra mineral waters, all in the meal was just under 100 Euros. The menu looks typically Italian but the quality was above and beyond -- the best meal we had. The negative report is about Armando al Pantheon restaurant. I just do not see what the fuss is about this place. It is, indeed, informal and pleasant, but the food was about the same: informal and pleasant. It is hearty and typically Italian, but nothing special. It was considerably more expensive than La Taverna dei Monti, and nowhere as good. After reading all the rave reviews about this place, we were scratching and heads and wondering if we were in the right place.

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          you dont say what you ate at Armando. Unfortunately, they have too many dishes on their menu. Did you eat the Roman ones?

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            Thanks "where are my glasses", for your take on things. I've been reading the board for months and am leaving this weekend for Rome and some northern coastal cities and its great to have current updates. Its one thing to search the board, but things can change in restaurants as well as different people having different takes on things. Your post was much appreciated. . . I'll be heaving to La Taverna dei Monti !!!

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              Just back from Rome as in yesterday. I too was not blown away by Armando al Pantheon. Our best meal at Rome was a toss up between Il Drappo and a place we happened upon when we couldn't get into Trattoria Monti called Isidoro. Wonderful service, 90 E for 3 people. Full food report coming when I finish unpacking.

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                il drappo is a lovely jewel of a place. i'm glad you enjoyed it.