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Jul 2, 2009 09:12 AM

Comments on Bifteque Kirkland

Has anybody eaten there since it became the Bifteque. I ate there when it was Houstons and it was terrible and overpriced. Bifteque is not a bad chain with reasonable pricing - of course you get what you pay for but I heard its still the same owners and chef as when it was Houston so I wouldn't go back under such circumstances. But its conveniently located and wondering if anyone has had a decent experience since it changed banners?

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  1. Friends of mine went when they first opened, for the husbands b-day. They were going for the steak special (I believe it was $16). It was early in the evening, they had run out and there was no substitution offered (although he could have ordered a pricier cut). They ended up ordering from a limited one page menu and settled on the ribs, which he told me were hard in most places, fatty in others, and just plain bad.

    1. I went with my wife and her family shortly after it opened. I also had the misfortune of trying Houston's when it was there.

      Although better than Houston's, the new Biftheque site is.. well.. Biftheque. I am not a fan of the chain in general, the last 2 times we went (when OTHER people decided where we would eat) I received limp, dirty salad. I find it pricey compared to the quality of the food. I would rather go to Baton Rouge, to be honest.

      Anyway - it is just like the one on cote-de-liesse. If you like that one, you will like this one just fine.

      1. At least after eating one of Bifteque's "soaked to bring it up to weight" steaks you only feel like you had a bad meal and not like you were robbed as well, like at La Sirene De La Mer.
        I have a list of restos to stay away from and Bifteque is now in second place, most recently knocked out of first place by La Sirene De La Mer.
        Personally you could only get me back in to a Bifteque kicking and screaming.
        What are the two best words to describe this restaurant... "it sucks"