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Jul 2, 2009 08:17 AM

The Harrison - Superb

had dinner at the harrison last night for the second time and had an absolutely sublime meal - in my opinion, the harrison is totally underrated but produces top notch food. the grilled octopus app with feta, cucs, and mint was perfect, double softshells for entree were as good as anything I had on the MD shore as a kid. gf had artichokes and softshells - definitely worth the trip. crowd was predominantly locals and some folks from citi. highly recommend and would be interested if others have had the same experience.

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  1. Unfortunately I did not have such a great experience when my husband and I dined at the Harrison last summer for my birthday. My husband had to send his lamb chop back because it was undercooked and the cut of the meat was very tough. The waiter was not very apologetic. GREAT outdoor seating in the summer for people watching, but overall we were not impressed. We would not go back.

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      Thanks for the report, bss25. We have had mixed experiences. Have been meaning to return now that new chef has been there awhile. Concerned that the reviews in the press are just the usual hype and it's overrated . . .have a read a few good reports on this Board.