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Jul 2, 2009 08:07 AM

Birthday cake - not fancy, just delicious (Lewisville)

The only place I've bought a bday cake since moving here was at Candy Haven for someone's Over The Hill Party.... but I'm not looking for something extravaggant or that pricy, just a simply birthday cake that has that real bakery taste. I don't care if it comes from a supermarket or a bakery as long as it's delicious. Doesn't really even have to be a traditional "Birthday" decorated cake, a kick ass layer cake would be just fine. I was thinking of trying Swirl Bakery in Flower Mound, but was hoping maybe I'd get some more input here. The bday is this Saturday so need replies prior to then please :)

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  1. i got a really, really good cake for my son's b-day at Willie mae's, but it is in Plano, not sure if that is too far for you to travel.
    Willie Mae's Bakery
    2141 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75075 (972) 424-6716

    Also, the cakes on this site look fabulous.

    haven't tried it, though.

    1. I actually have found that the layer cake at Costco is pretty good. I don't care for icing but the pudding layered cake is cheap and what I like. I know I might get some flak for it but I hate icing and I hate fondant even more. I can stomach butter cream icing but that is all.

      1. Ironically, I just came in here to post about Sam's single layer sheet cake w/buttercream. There was no hint of butter flavor in the icing, so I'm "pretty" sure it wasn't the real deal, but still, it was better than whatever that alternative, fluffy, no-taste icing is. The cake was really moist without being heavy. I went w/a friend to pick it up at lunch - I think it was $20-ish for 1/2 sheet. It beats the heck out of recent cake purchases from Tom Thumb.

        I've had cakes from Market Street that have been very good, but I didn't buy them so have no idea of cost. They weren't as moist as the one from Sam's today.

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          I bought a cake for my little boy's 3rd b-day from Market Street, it was awesome, and a 1/4 sheet was i think around, if not a little under $20. (included a Thomas the train and track on the top of it).

        2. That fluffy no taste frosting is made with vegetable shortening. In other words, flavored whipped Crisco.

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              As disgusting as it sounds, it is true. This is Texas and butter for a real butter cream will begin to melt at 88 degrees. The recipes using shortening can withstand temperatures of 106. As wonderful as a real butter cream is, the heat in transition will leave the top of your cake in a greasy puddle of colors. Personally, I cannot stomach the thought of a large mouthful of Crisco.

              I have seen decent compromises of half butter and half Crisco. Sort of like using olive oil with your butter when sauteing to increase the smoke point.

              1. re: DallasDude

                I'm with you on the "no thank you" to a mouthful of Crisco.

                1. re: joanna.mcmaster

                  I AGREE! Isn't there some kind of middle ground between sugary crisco and gourmet melting frosting. Pay an extra $15.00 and have them deliver it around the cake time. Or, would any bakery do this? Who knows? By the way Willie Mae's cakes are very hit or miss. I think Candy Haven uses the Crisco type icing too, but, their cakes are moist and well decorated for the price.

                2. re: DallasDude

                  You have truly ruined my day. From here on out, I will never take another bite of birthday cake!

            2. As far as Sam's vs Costco, as said before it depends on the flavor you want. Either of them will be good.

              The quality is far superior to what you'd get from a grocery and a better value than a fancier cake that you'd get at Central Market or Whole Foods. My preference goes with the Sams butter cream.

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              1. re: air

                I would not mention Central & Whole foods in the same breath. Most of the cakes at whole foods indeed are not much superior to Sams. Central's cakes on the other hand are far superior but also far more expensive.