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Jul 2, 2009 07:49 AM


Any good restaurants in around Mont-Trembant or St-Jovite?
We are going this week-end.

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  1. Restaurant Seb in St. Jovite is truly excellent - sort of French modern fusion cuisine. Had a terrific dinner there this past March and also enjoyed dinner at Patrick Berard (Bernard?) on the road heading to the old village of Tremblant.

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      Just remembered that the name is Patrick Bermand.

    2. Go to Fat Mardi's at the top of the hill in Tremblant Village.

      Its a Mardis Gras style restaurant with a live band that play at night, and a great atmosphere.
      Order the Hurricane. It's a popular Mardis gras drink made with 3 different kinds of rum and a passion fruit based juice that comes directly from Pat O'briens in New Orleans.

      Fat Mardis
      Pat O'Briens

      1. I had a really nice dinner at sEb this evening. My wife and I sat on the terrasse and started off with "Quebec Kir Royale" ($10/glass). A bit light on the cassis, but not bad at all.

        We decided to go with the tapas menu, and wanted to try the entire list (about 11 items), but the waiter suggested we do 8 when we asked if the whole list was too much. We left out the rabbit with piri-piri as we do not eat spicy hot stuff; also left out the shrimp cocktail and the mess of lettuce. They were all under $10 each.

        Here's what we had:

        Chorizo in a tomato sauce. A bit spicy. Pretty good but not outstanding.

        Chevre beignets. My wife went gaga over these; I thought they were okay.

        Sliced eggplant. I went gaga over this, and I don't usually like eggplant (apart from baba ghanouj) as it's usually too mushy. I don't know what they did with it, but it almost seemed like they incorporated gelatin into it - loved the texture.

        Fish croquettes - meh !

        Foie gras BLT. Not a lot of foie gras, but tasty. Enjoyed the crunch.

        Lobster dumplings with lobster sauce. Very nice, but not as good as my lobster ravioli with lobster bisque sauce.

        Shrimps a la plancha. Jumbo shrimps, a bit spicy, but tasty. Would have liked a bit more crunch to the shrimp.

        We also ordered an item from the appetizers that consisted of a terrine of pork, foie gras and apple, served with an ice cider jelly. Loved the combination of the terrine and the jelly.

        After all that I still needed more food (had a light lunch), so ordered more terrine and BLT.

        Dessert was a fig Tarte Tartin served with a blue cheese ice cream. This was a wonderful dessert. The cream in the ice cream tamed the fire of the cheese, and it went well with the tart. A great combination.

        We will definitely return, but it IS a 3-hour drive from home.

        1. Last Sunday found us back in Saint Jovite around suppertime. The logical place to go to for dinner was sEb, so that's what we did. Got there at about 6:45pm without a reso. Every table was booked for 7pm, so we decided to sit on the patio, in splendid solitude.

          We were looking to repeat the tapas experience, but the tapas menu was no longer available. So we created our own - ordered all 5 first course items, which we shared. We also wanted some fresh-squeezed OJ, which the waiter said he squeezed himself; we both love the stuff.

          The amuse-bouche was a single, solitary oyster each. Garnish was just a wedge of lemon for a nice, clean flavour. Loverly !

          First was a green salad. It was, well, salad. Green and fresh and nice, but it was salad!

          Next up was a duck tartlet. Wonderful, yummy flavours. Loved it.

          Then came a soup. Can't remember what exactly it was, but it was garnished with chopped chorizo. Why did I agree to share a soup? I wanted a bowl of my own ! Cleaned every last drop, it was so good.

          Next a tuna toro (carpaccio). Impossibly thin slices that were delectable. This time we ordered another plate of the stuff. When we told the waiter it was amazing, his response was no, it's the next course that is amazing.

          Next course was a risotto with foie gras. The waiter was right.

          By this time it was rather c-c-dold on the patio (8:30), and there was still no room in the resto, so we skipped dessert.

          Definitely worth the detour !