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Jul 2, 2009 07:37 AM

Which Costco's and BJ's sell alcohol?

Does anyone know which wharehouse stores in town sell beer and wine? I understand BJ's Deadham and Woburn location have alochol - what's the third?

Also - which Costco locations sell alochol?

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  1. The Danvers BJs also sells alcohol.

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    1. re: owen_meany

      ooooh! i was hoping you'd say that! Good.

      Any idea how their produce and fish is up there?

      1. re: rbgreen80

        Sorry, I don't. I've been reasonably pleased with the produce at the Woburn store. Have never bought fish at any location.

        1. re: rbgreen80

          Produce is nice; fish is pretty good; cheese selection is impressive; overall a nice Costco, but the booze is cheaper at many liquor stores: ie 1.75ltr Tanqueray @ Costco = $36; the same at Kappy's = $29. Costco wines are similar to retail at many places, but they're much less at Rapid Liquors in Stoneham (where the gin is $31)

          1. re: almansa

            As always, almansa knows what he's talking about. In fact, we stopped there to buy liquor today and were shocked at how high the prices were. The line was insane today so we just left and ended up buying our holiday refreshments at Rapid Liquors.

            1. re: Chris VR

              Which Costco are you guys talking about? As pointed out below, the 3 MA locations with the licenses are the only ones that are really Costcos. The others are more expensive. And those 3 are almost always cheaper for wines that any other local wine shop in the area (I make the rounds of the good local shops, from Berman's in Lexington to Marty's in Newton on an almost weekly basis).

              I can't say if the same is true or not for beer or liquor, since I don't buy much of those. So you may be right about that. But I do know that the last bottle of Grey Goose I bought was a lot cheaper at Waltham's Costco than at Gordon's down the street. I don't go to Kappy's or Rapid Liquors.

              One caveat, their recent prices for super-high end wines, like 2005 1st Growth Bordeaux, are not bargains at the Waltham location in comparison to some of the prices you are starting to see online because of recession-induced dumping (of course shipping wine to MA from many online sources is illegal). In fact, they are a lot more expensive than even Costco Online (which has been dumping their 1st Growths at unbelievable bargain prices). However, Costco Online can't ship wine to MA. :-( For example, Waltham has 2005 Ch. D'Yquem 375s for $400. A great wine, but still way over-priced.

              Anyway, as I wrote before, they are a great source for saving 15-30% on big-name/volume high-end wines (like Beaucastle, Don Melchor, Clos Apalta, Insignia, Opus One...). Recently I got some 2006 Robert Foley Claret (actually not a high-volume wine), which usually costs me $110/bottle + shipping to NH from the winery for $80 a bottle. I also picked up a $120 bottle of 2004 Robert Mondavi Cab Reserve marked down to an amazing $75. I just checked Wine-Searcher Pro online and that is $14 cheaper than anywhere else in the US, except for a place in Georgia that is selling it for $83 + shipping. Heck, even the $12 Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau (don't rag on me!) was several dollars cheaper at Costco than either Gordon's or Berman's. You get the idea...

              1. re: Chris VR

                I have to agree as well. I've noticed that wine for example is maybe a buck less at the best.

                A friend told me that the liquor store isn't technically part of the wholesale club (which I still don't get, if he's even correct) and that due to licensing regulations one does not need to be a member of the club to make a purchase at the liquor store. Maybe that has something to do with it.

                1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

                  I had heard that as well- they don't check your card when you go in that door. I don't think they check it at the register in the alcohol section either. Although it wuld seem to me that if that is the case, every Costco would be able to have an independent liquor store, since the restriction (I believe) is 3 liquor outlets per business operation. *shrug* it's convenient when I'm there, but the prices do keep me from buying there more often.

                  1. re: Chris VR

                    There is a law the prohibits the discrimination of selling alchohol to only members. So anyone, even none members, can shop at costco for booze. you just tell them at the door that you're only going to purchase hooch and they'll let you in even if you don't have a card.

          1. Waltham Costco yes, Everett Costco no.

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            1. re: finlero

              Dedham Costco yes, although the Waltham location has a better selection.

              1. re: JoeM

                The Waltham, Avon and Danvers stores have the 3 licences allowed by the state - the Dedham Costco liquor dept. is privately owned. They try to mimic the Costco inventory but the prices/products are not as good.

                  1. re: JoeM

                    That is why the prices are so much higher in the Dedham location! If I remember correctly, my last receipt said it was owned by B&L.

                    BTW, the manager at the Waltham Costco told me that they are the 2nd highest volume Costco wine department in the US! They always have some good mid-to-high end wines, although mostly big-name, high-volume producers (this is Costco afterall) and I don't think the selection matches what you will see in some of the West Coast locations. Not much new recently, summer I guess, but apparently waiting on the '06 Bordeaux to arrive.

                    Obviously, if you buy many high-end wines, get the Executive Membership card so you can get some cash back at the end of the year. Kind of embarrassing, but I think 40% of my cellar comes from Costco!

                    If anyone is interested, I have a thread on the wineberserkers site where I post updates on anything interesting that arrives at the Waltham Costco (since I live nearby, I usually stop in once a week to see what has arrived).

            2. The BJs in Stoughton sells alcohol and wine.

              1. i have been very disappointed with the fish at costco and the produce but the fruit cup is great

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                1. re: jmf2188

                  Costco - Dedham, Waltham, the third site is unknown..

                  1. re: grant.cook

                    Costco in Avon. Wine prices are very good.

                    Produce has always been superior.

                    I bought Little necks recently for 2.99/lb. They were sweet and delicious. I buy salmon, tulapia and flounder at this location and have never been disappointed.

                    1. re: pesto

                      how are the beer prices and selection in costco waltham?
                      i am looking for any info on india pale ale cases such as stone ipa or dogfish head 60 minute.
                      i have tried emailing costco but have never gotten a response from them.

                      1. re: messyheat

                        Try Pat at W308LQR at costco dot com for the Waltham Costco wine shop.

                        1. re: messyheat

                          If the prices are the same as at the Danvers location, a case of Dogfish Head was $30 on Friday... but I'm not sure it was the 60 minute.

                          1. re: messyheat

                            cases of Dogfishhead 60 minute are 29.99 at the Avon location. The beer prices, for the most part, aren't too much better than your local package store.

                            The wine is a different story. I generally find them to price at about $5 less per bottle for wines under $20. I'v been buying up the Ringbolt Cab for $12.99 in Avon. I typically see it for $17.99-$18.99 in Stores.

                            The more your willing to spend, the better ther deal tends to be in Avon. Stags leap Artremis is $39.99. This goes for about 55-60 in regular store.