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Jul 2, 2009 07:26 AM

"Home from the Army" Party Food Ideas

A friend of mine and his girlfriend (M & G) have just completed their many, many years of service in the Army and are finally home for good! My best friend is throwing a celebration for them and the theme is "Everyone has to dress military except for M & G". He also wanted to have army-themed food, and asked me to help contribute ideas...

I am a little stumped. I looked up "Army themed parties" online and found a lot of "save all your tin cans and serve beans and weenies out of them", or "buy a cake and the edible spray paint, make camo and stick a plastic soldier on top".... ummm, no thanks.

I figured the 'Hounds would have better ideas. Fire away....


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  1. A friend of mine, her brother just returned home from overseas. I hosted just a small dinner party for he and a buddy of his. I asked them what they wanted, and it was all down home cooking comfort food.

    Don't get me wrong, but I would think army-themed food would be the last they they would want. But I am sure it depends what unit or where they were deployed and the type of work they did.

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      well they've been home for a week or two, this isn't exactly their first meal. My friend thought it would be fun, so...

      just looking for some ideas for fun party foods with a twist that makes them "military" even if its not accurate.

    2. Were they in the Middle East? Serve pecan sandies :-P

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        yes they were! that's what I am looking for--something CREATIVE/funny/cheeky, it doesnt have to be an exact replica of military food...

        thanks Emmmily.

      2. My dad was a military man. He got out 25 years ago and to this day he avoids anything that even slightly reminds him of the army. I think Kchurchill has the right idea and you should just prepare a long list of foods that they like.

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          I agree my family who has retired from the services dont like any reminders...

        2. Army food these days is Burger King on post unless you out in the feild.

          1. Sounds more like a homecoming for Heroes. Why not have an all American BBQ? Or you can have foods from all different regions - southern bbq, southwestern tacos, northern fish fry, NE clambake, etc. Or their favorite dishes from their hometown, probably comfort food, like KC says, you could do meatloaf, mac & cheese, fried chicken, whatever they really enjoy.