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Jul 2, 2009 06:58 AM

Wedding Reception Locations in Park Slope

Can you suggest a location for a wedding reception in Park Slope? I am looking for a restaurant or caterers that can accommodate 130 people for a nice but nothing fancy reception. Thanks!

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  1. Look into Prospect Hall (Prospect & 5th) and the Montauk Club (Lincoln and 8th). Can't vouch for the food or prices, just throwing them out there as possibilities.

    1. Picnic House in Prospect Park, I was married there! There are quite a bit of listings on chowhound with info on the PH.

      1. With respect to FastEddie, Prospect Hall catered one the worst events I've ever experienced.. both the food and service. I'm not going to rec any place but with the alarming rate of PS restaurants going under just make sure any place you choose will be in business

        1. it's not park slope, but you could try Bubby's in DUMBO. I had my rehearsal dinner there and the staff was incredibly helpful. The food was decent and the views are amazing. For something more fancy, try Abigail Kirsch at Stage Six in the Brooklyn Navy Yard - the food was excellent and the service above and beyond.

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            I was pricing receptions recently. Bubby's can accommodate 130, but their brochure quoted around $180 per head (i.e. about $90/head for food, $90/head for open bar and a toast), not counting all of the other stuff (taxes, tips, etc.).

            The Picnic House at Prospect Park is indeed beautiful. It runs about $4,500 for the venue and can hold 130+. Parking is extremely limited, and their calendar fills up far in advance. If you are looking for a summer date, be advised that it is not air conditioned. Naturally Delicious is the exclusive caterer.

            There aren't a lot of large PS spaces that spring to mind. I think Union Hall occasionally hosts events, but not weekend nights.

            DUMBO has several art galleries that double as event spaces, though. Smack Mellon gallery is a gorgeous raw space (around the corner from Bubby's actually). The venue rental is a bit high--$7,500 for a weekend date, although part of that is a tax-deductible membership fee. They recommend Raging Skillet for caterer and Always a Bridesmaid for an event planner. (We were actually planning on booking this site until we realized that even our low-key tastes would quickly add up to more than $30,000--but damn, if we could have afforded to be groovy and bohemian we would have!)

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              It is pricy and does get booked far in advance but the Picnic House is a great space and 130 people is a good fit for the room. Unless its really hot and you're doing a daytime event the lack of A/C is not a big deal since its open and airy and they have ceiling fans. Also they have a long list of caterers (not just Naturally Delicious) that you can use and for an additional fee you can use someone off the list. Naturally Delicious is very good though.

          2. here's a new one for you - the Grand Hall of the Williamsburg Bank Bldg (aka the unrentable commercial space at ground level of the One Hanson Place condos) will begin wedding rentals in the fall - $15,000 for the night!

            If you are into funky and artsy, check out the Green Hall (or Green Bldg; I'm not sure what it's called on Union and Nevins - it's right next to the Gowanus Canal. A big, warehouse like space that holds a lot of people, the rental is only $3,500. I looked into it for an event and really liked it, but you definitely have to want that kind of less finished space.