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Jul 2, 2009 06:45 AM

Favorite sandwich for picnic outing?

Got a party headed out for fireworks tomorrow evening, and in general, I would classify us all as 'foodies' so I need a sandwich that travels well, goes with wine and is better than average. Please tell me your favorite combination, and also what bread works best. I know the trick about putting moist ingredients in the middle so the bread doesn't get all mushy... and will modify to that end. All ideas welcome!

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  1. I like a pressed sandwich for a picnic. Doesn't fall apart the way some sandwiches might and tastes great. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to fillings. We like cheeses, fresh herbs, good vinegar and oil, sliced fresh vegetables, sometimes hard salamis. Once I mashed avocado with lemon juice and spread that on bread like mayo or butter. Whatever you like.
    Wrap the sandwich loaf up in plastic wrap, pop it in the fridge and place a baking sheet over it. Place heavy cans on top of that. Make it several hours ahead. Remove from fridge and slice it before you leave. Easy and good.

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      I do those a lot too, fern. A muffuletta, or turkey & boursin. I've also made large ones using a whole round loaf to find a crowd. Works very well.

    2. We're finishing up ten days on Cape Cod heading back to Manhattan. Will spend the 4th on our friends' boat and my contribution to the food is going to be lobster rolls!!!!! So it's just lobster with mayo (I add a little lemon juice also), s&p. When ready to eat grill the buttered buns and pile on the lobster. But, of course, most of us don't have good, fresh and affordable lobster available, do we? Boo hoo.

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      1. Similar to Fern's post I suggest a pressed sandwich using a good sturdy baguette filled with roasted red peppers that you've made a day ahead and covered with a good extra virgin olive oil and crushed red pepper flakes (and minced garlic if you're so inclined). Layer the red peppers, fresh basil leaves, lots of arugula, mozzarella or provolone or even chevre, and roasted onions. Use the flavored oil from the peppers to brush on both sides of the baguette before adding the fillings. Wrap tightly, press if desired, and refrigerate for a couple of hours. slice and wrap the individual slices to carry to your picnic. Add prosciutto if you'd like some meat, but the arugula, peppers and basil all have so much flavor that you won't miss the meat.

        1. Well mine is similar to janniecooks' but I like my baguette grilled first and then I spread it with pesto on both sides and fill it with a mild brie, lots of good prosciutto and a crisp lettuce. I don't eat raw tomatoes but have been told it is even better with them.

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            Oh, yes! Pesto is great in a sandwich, especially in combination with roasted peppers.

          2. Here is a poached chicken sandwich recipe I've been meaning to try:


            It has a spread that is made from pureed almonds, cilantro, mayo, sour cream, peppers (optional in my case) and lime juice.

            It was the spread that people who reviewed the recipe really liked, and I think it would mesh with a lot of the other ideas from posters here. Could make a sandwich a little different and special.