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Jul 2, 2009 06:44 AM

Staying at the Sofitel on 15th ST-walking...

Hello there!
I'll be in downtown DC for the very first time in August-can't wait! I'd like to ask 3 questions :
1. I'll be walking mostly, is there anything food wise that I should not miss- close vicinity (I'm praying the humidity won't be too brutal!)
2. Which Jose Andes restaurant should I make a reservation too??
3. Has Murky Coffee opened yet downtown yet?

I plan to make dinner reservations to: City Zen, BLT Steak, Komi, Rasika and ?. If i have time I'd love to visit Cork, Commonwealth, and Good Stuff Eatery as well.
Thank you for all your help!

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  1. other great (expensive) dinners walkable to you at olives, equinox, oval room

    weekday lunches walkable to you:
    • Teaism for lunch, tea, light, cheap meals.
    • greek deli 19th and M — awesome avgolemno soup, bread, gyros
    • korean cart at vermont and k street (there's also one at 14th and L if the vermont/k one isn't out when you're here)

    nonwalkable stuff:
    • proof, in my book, is a must-try, especially if you like wine. and the food is fantastic.
    • commonwealth is good but, to me, nothing special
    • skip good stuff and go to ray's hellburgeres
    • rasika is great, not my favorite but still an interesting and unique experience

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      Thanks, Little1ng! I'll keep this all in mind