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Jul 2, 2009 06:13 AM

Kutu Japanese Steakhouse - South Tampa

Has anyone heard when the opening of this new Japenese Steakhouse and sushi restaurant will be, and/or any details on the restaurant? There is a sign up outside in Whaley's Plaza on Howard for opening soon, but I cannot find any details online...

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  1. No one has any information on this restaurant opening soon?

    1. I think the banner hanging outside says "Kobe" and not "Kutu", but I could be wrong. I don't know anything about it. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

      1. It has been a little bit so I am hoping to see if there have been any leaks about an opening date yet for Kutu's? Also, any information on the place..

        Also another new spot opening on S Macdill Blvd - French Mediteranean..Any news on this spot? Old Koba's location...

        1. I finally found out some information on this spot. It is Koto - not Kutu and is planning a September 1st opening. Anyone know if this is independant or part of the chain?

          1. Just went there this evening. The restaurant is seperated into two parts basically - the front of the place has a bar, a sushi bar and about 10 booths. The back of the place has a grill area.

            We sat in the front in a booth. The booths are a little far from the table (although I am only 5 foot 2) and you have to sit on the edge in order to not have a huge gap between your lap and food (although I guess these booths would be great for very large people). The interior otherwise was nice and new. Club music played in the background which is exactly what I remember from restaurants in Japan. So you can hear the club music and we also heard the chefs working the grill in the back part. Everyone sounded like they were having a great time around the grill - not sure if there was a party back there or not.

            Food - my dining partner ordered the Angry Dragon. It was beautifully plated, very artistic and an interesting combination of sweet and crunchy and savory. I ordered the Combo B (spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail) and was pleasantly surprised with how much came on the plate. Usually when I go out for sushi, I order several plates but I was stuffed with just this one. $15 for sushi, salad and miso soup was pretty amazing. Coming from the DC area, I would have expected to pay a lot more. We finished with fried ice cream (green tea). Total bill for 2 people was $44 plus tip.

            All in all, I was pleasantly surprised. The menu seemed a little large though. Besides the sushi, sashimi and steak house, they also offered some thai dishes (Pad Thai and Thai Curry) which I thought unusual.

            Overall - I will definately go back and try sashimi vs the spicy rolls I had tonight to see how good the fish really is.