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Jul 2, 2009 05:28 AM

Can't miss eateries in Houston????

Hello ya'll, I will be in Houston for a conference the week of August 10th, staying at the intercontinental in Houston. Please let me know recs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am talking can't miss spots. Price is no problem.

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  1. Didn't you already ask us this back in June? I believe we all gave you lots to choose from then. Here it is:

    1. Houston has fabulous restaurants. It depends upon what type of food you want so here are my suggestions:

      Best Tex Mex:
      Lupe Tortilla
      El Tiempo
      Ninfas on Navigation (total dive on east side of downtown but very popular)
      Chuys (go for the fun atmosphere)

      Best overall:
      Da Marco
      Cafe Annie (near your hotel)
      Americas (near your hotel)
      T'afia (all ingredients are locally grown)
      Brasserie Max and Julie
      Cafe Rabelais (same owners as Max and Julie)

      Casual dining near your hotel:
      Erawan Thai
      The Grotto
      Rajun Cajun (sit at picnic tables inside)
      La Vista (Italian - BYOB, long waits on weekend)
      Becks (burgers)

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          Are there plans to reopen? Anyone know when?

          1. re: Jaymes


            Cafe Annie is gone for good but they are re-structuring the concept and will re-open as RDG & Bar Annie. You can read about it on Cleverley's blog:


            1. re: Jaymes

              RDG and Bar Annie will be opening a block away in BLVD place on July 15th.

        2. Cafe 101 on Westheimer is great for Americanized Chinese.