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Jul 2, 2009 04:19 AM

HK tips from fellow 'hounds


My name is Jay. I'm bringing my best buddy (a Chinese American dude) from culinary school to Hong Kong - it's his first time there. We'll be there from July 14-18.

The purpose our trip is simple: to make him try some really excellent Chinese food.

Off of my short list, we're tentatively going to hit:

Fu Sing - for some dimsum
Yung Kee - for some roast goose
Mak Noodles - for wonton noodles
Tau Heung - for hotpot
Sang Kee - for congee
Bo Innovation - for.. well.. the demon chef's grub!
Mum Chau's - for a Hong Kong private kitchen experience

Any other places you think we should seek? I speak a *little* Mandarin.. so preferably where a bit of English is spoken.

A place with roasts, maybe? And a good overall Cantonese meal (Superstar? or maybe Victoria Seafood?)

and for that matter.. anyone hounds want to come? ;)

Looking forward to your suggestions! MANY THANKS 'HOUNDS!

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  1. Hi Jay, although we didn't have the roast goose we did try some other great dishes at Yung Kee, so I can thoroughly recommend the 4th floor (reservations required). Certainly the waiter that served us spoke quite good English. See my previous Hong Kong post here:

    We only sampled only a few dim sum items at Fu Sing, where a little English is spoken, but would like to go back to try some more! Expect it to be packed if you go on a Sunday afternoon!

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      Thanks for the reply, GordonS!

      I'm not sure how I'm going to attack Yung Kee. i've been there many times myself and always ordered the goose - i was thinking of going there just for a small plate of goose and some century eggs then moving on to maybe Maks for some noodles. hehe!

      As for Fu Sing - I went there for the first time a month back, and I got the card of this guy Chris, who I believe is the ONLY decent English speaker in the whole restaurant. ;) It was a Saturday.. and DEFINITELY packed! But what a revelation the food was for me.. especially the Cha Siu.

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        I actually just went to Yung Kee today because the church my parents go to is relatively nearby. Besides the goose (I prefer the breast meat cause I find the leg meat ridiculously fatty) you definitely need to try the BBQ pork. We had some BBQ pork buns for lunch today and it's really one of the better ones in HK. Besides the usual taste of BBQ pork you really taste the 'charred' (blackened) parts of the pork as well which I think give it another dimension. Highly recommend.