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Jul 2, 2009 01:58 AM

[UK] Using city names in post title [Moved from UK/Ireland]


I know that we might forget that not everyone lives in London, but this board is actually shared by five countries and countless cities!

Rather than just giving a restaurant name or a neighborhood in your post title, could we all please make an effort to include a city name as well? This will make the board more inclusive to non-Londoners who are often turned off when they click into threads over and over only to find out that they don't apply to them.

On other boards, a popular format is to include the city names in brackets [ ].

[Dublin] Is Gruel still that good?

Thanks for being a good neighbor.

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  1. Mods, since it's likely that moving this to Site Talk where no one will see it will result it having no effect, would you mind adding this as sticky on the UK/Ireland board? We used to have one there with the same message, but it's disappeared.

    Just trying to make Chowhound a nicer place for everyone. Thanks.

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    1. re: Lina

      Moderators--can we please put a sticky on this board (as there used to be)? I posted this in an attempt to improve these boards, and for you to remove it and not address the problem or my follow-up post is frustrating to say the least.

      1. re: Lina

        It was kind of a messed up week here, since some of us had a holiday on Wednesday and some on Friday, but we've started discussing whether we want to do simple stickies, links to the etiquette like we did on the American boards, or go back to creating longer, localized stickies for each board.

        1. re: Jacquilynne

          Perhaps you could put this up as a stopgap measure while you decide.

    2. Hi LIna

      I remember you made the original suggestion on the UK board over a year ago and the sticky worked really well. I'd noticed it had disappeared. And, by the way, I only found your thread here in Site Talk by accident as its not somewhere I would usually visit

      I'm one of those who don't live in London and don't really want to have to plough through loads of threads that have no interest to me. So the idea of posting the town or whatever makes sense for the handful of people not in London. .

      That said, so much information is about London that perhaps it doesnt really matter about folk in the rest of the two countries. Truth be told, whilst I participate in CH's topical boards, I tend to use another site for restaurant information and posting reviews of where I've eaten, as there are more non-London users there and it's a more vibrant community.


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      1. re: Harters

        Thanks, John. I had stopped using the boards almost entirely when I lived in Dublin because of this. I know you're in the same boat!