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Jul 1, 2009 11:02 PM

What's new and what's gone in Vegas?

It seems like as soon as I find a place I might want to try again, its closed. This seems especially true for the off, off-strip places I like to frequent. This economy sucks, folks....I guess all we can do is help the places still open.

Today I felt like sopa de albondigas (don't ask me why I was craving it in this heat, but I was...), and I remembered there was a good version at Espee's Gourmet Tamales, right across the street from my office on Durango. So I pulled into a parking lot, only to see a "space available" sign and a UHaul truck pulled up to the door. There was a hand-written sign on the door, but I was too depressed and too hot to get out of my car and go check it out (besides, the truck was blocking all the parking spaces in front). Anyone know if they are relocating, or just out of business? Too bad; they are a nice family.

Then I read something in the Las Vegas Weekly about a new Indian Restaurant (Curry Bowl) in Centennial Hills (my remote neighborhood). Well, a new Indian place near me is always worth a visit; it will be on the agenda for the holiday weekend. But the same article (which gave it a good recommendation, has anyone gone?) mentioned it was near-empty shortly after opening.....I hope they make it.

So folks, any other openings/closings in Vegas of note? Are we going to survive the summer?

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  1. I found a thread on another board about restaurant closings. The following were recently listed:

    Bleu Gourmet on Charleston
    Galerias Gourmet on Buffalo
    Le Golosita on Eastern
    RE Tapas on Silverado Ranch
    San-Toki Korean BBQ on Paradise
    Steak on Horizon Ridge
    Steeles on Eastern