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What food related products would you (or do you) buy on-line?

I've purchased spices on line (from Penzey's) and particular kinds of candies (oldtimecandy.com and various sites that sell British candies). I've bought brownies (fairytalebrownies.com) and terrific nuts (almondbrothers.com). I've had baskets of food that represent Philly food and NY Bagels sent to me as gifts. I'd buy lots of ethnic things, but I'm lucky that I live in an area with a large variety of ethnic food shops. But I'm curious - what kind of food or food related items do you buy or WISH you could buy online?

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  1. When I lived in various places in the midwest years ago I ordered dates, pistachios, dried pineapple, etc from Jaffe Brothers in CA. My husband has ordered hot sauces not available locally via the internet.

    1. i've bought cioppino online/ over the phone from san francisco..... but other than that, nothing

      1. Hatch green chiles from New Mexico; weiners fro Karl Ehmer in New York; pistachios from Yuroseck Farms in California; chocolates from Burdicks and Rechuitti;72 layer cream cheese biscuits from Stonewall Kitchen.

        1. Bought chili plants does that count. No food however. Just don't like the idea. Did buy a specialty salt package once which was good.

          1. Hmmm...I know there's more, but here are some I recommend (and a few, like the satsumas and Graeter's ice cream, are solely because of reading Chowhounds talk about how good they are!)

            Spices and dried peppers from Penzey's
            Ice cream from Graeter's in Ohio
            Satsuma mandarins from grandmaberries.com
            Stone crab from Moore's on Longboat Key, FL
            Foie gras, truffles, sausages, pate, meats and game, poultry, demi-glace, duck fat, truffle oil, truffle butter, etc. from D'Artagnan
            Cheese from Artisanal in NYC
            Semolina, venere nero/black rice, quinoa, farro, beluga lentils from surfasonline.com.
            Italian products from Salumeria Italiana in Boston
            Gourmet products from Formaggio in Boston
            Spanish ingredients from Latienda.com
            Mexican ingredients from mexgrocer.com

            For family and friends, have had lobsters shipped from J Hooks in Boston, cookies and cakes from Dancing Deer in Boston, and coffe cake from My Grandma's of New England.

            And since I consider wine food-related - Oriel wines from its monthly Orbit club.

            1. If I think about it, the foods I buy online are not available locally (I wish they were!): 1) Black walnuts are hard to find and I like them for baking so I order them from Hammon's, which even has them chocolate-covered for munching. 2) See's Candy, our favorite chocolates for birthdays etc. 3) Harry & David's Royal Riviera Pears, always at Christmas. 4) Fralinger's almond macaroons from the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. 5) Harry & David's pepper relish, because we like it with meatloaf and beef stew. 6) A dozen cans of Montmorency cherries (the sour kind for baking) from King Orchards in Michigan, available locally but for twice the price. One that I WISH I could buy would be marzipan from the Elk Candy Company in New York, but it's gone out of business.

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                I love See's. I never ordered online in FL because I was afraid they'd melt, but now I live in Cool Town USA. Thank you for the reminder.

              2. I just got online the other week and ordered my first weekly veg box delivery. Organic and as local as possible. So far, so good!

                I've also bought spices from Seasoned Pioneers. I would buy just about any type of food online, and so far it seems possible to do so, so I'm not really wanting for anything!

                1. I order my Fallot mustards from levillage.com regularly. The shipping is high if you buy one jar, very reasonable if you buy 15 which is what I do. [Thank goodness for that basement storage area.]

                  Purchased a few Indonesian ingredients from an online vendor for COTM, but that won't be a recurring purchase.

                  1. Every few months I buy top-quality, moist dried fruit from apricotking.com. My favorites are the dried pears, dried white nectarines, and dried apricots still containing the pit, which imparts and oaky amaretto undertone.

                    I bought several bags of heirloom dried beans from ranchogordo.com and purcellmountainfarm.com but don't think they are different enough from supermarket varieties to merit the premium price.

                    I was very pleased with powders (dried cheddar, sour cream) and dehydrated onions and scallions from barryfarm.com. They have a huge array of dried and specialty items (like honeydew jam).

                    I buy special flours from King Arthur online because only a few are carried by supermarkets, and are sometimes rancid.

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                      I forgot King Arthur in my list. I order from them regularly now that we are making all of our bread.

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                        I can get King Arthur's all-purpose and bread flours in the grocery store, but I've only found the pastry variety on their website. It's worth ordering and paying the shipping--my pie crusts are approaching perfection.

                        I've ordered leaf lard (also for pie crust, come to think of it) from Dietrich's Meats in Pennsylvania.

                        Got some great, (relatively) easy-to-shell chestnuts last Thanksgiving from Girolami Farms in California.

                        Food-related: I've bought hard-to-find barbecue wood from Barbecuewood.com in Washington.

                        Yakima, WA, Yakima, WA

                        Girolami Farms
                        11502 East Eight Mile Road, Stockton, CA 95212

                        Dietrich's Meats & Country Store
                        660 Old 22, Krumsville, PA 19534

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                          Smtucker, I've ordered from KA only twice, and this latest time I was disappointed to see that the Cafe du Monde Beignet Mix expiration date was only 3 months from when I ordered. I didn't return it because it's not worth the hassle and because boxed mixes are generally good long past their expiration date. I've never had a beignet and understand that the fine-milled Southern flour, unavailable in New England, is key to a proper one - hence the mix rather than a scratch recipe. Have you had any problems with short-dated items?

                          1. re: greygarious

                            I haven't, but I haven't ever bought a mix. I wonder if the shelf life of the softer, finely-milled flours is shorter and that is the reason for the quick expiration.

                            If I were you, I would call and ask. The employees are also the owners, and I have found the level of knowledge to be extremely high. Oh, they also have an online chat capability if you don't want to call and find an online thing more your style.

                      2. Always croissants from Williams-Sonoma.
                        Maytag Blue Cheese
                        igourmet cheeses and other products

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                          My mother has ordered various pastries from WS, including croissants, and they are really quite good, particularly when compared to what is available in her area. Because I live in NYC, I rarely need to order anything online, but, when I lived in Miami, I had great experiences ordering cheese from idealcheese.com, as well as cookware from bridgekitchenware.com. I've gotten my father gift certificates to Murray's Cheese for several years now, and he has always been happy with the cheese he has received.

                          One thing my husband has ordered for a couple of years now is truffles (are truffles??), from Oregon. The company is called "Oregon Wild Edibles" - I think my husband was actually their first client! We've sent them a check after receiving the truffles. While not quite like French black/Alba white truffles, they are pretty damn good, and v. well priced. We usually get 4 oz of black and 4 oz of white - I do think the black ones are better. Each year I've actually gotten tired of truffles as a result, and still have lots of truffle butter in the freezer. http://www.oregonwildedibles.com/page...

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                            Wow, I've often been tempted to order truffles, now I probably will. Gonna do some research on them, see how long they last, etc. We have some great bakeries around here (one is run by a Vietnamese chef, the best french bread!), but they are no good croissants. I love that you have to thaw them and let them rise, then bake them fresh.
                            So, so good.

                            1. re: bayoucook

                              I can't remember what we pay for them, but I'd guess under $200 for the 8 oz, and that is an awful lot of truffles! They have great instructions about how to keep them - in a covered jar, with paper towels that you change as they get moist. I've driven from NYC to NC with them in the trunk - still fine. You can also put them in oil, though I've not done that. They also give information about when the truffle is at its best, and when it is going down hill and needs to be used up. The truffle butter is, IMO, the way to go in terms of preserving them. It's great to use for an impromptu pasta dinner. I think I've posted some dishes I've made on the HC board.


                        2. I'm lucky living near the city that I can get most products quite easily, including "ethnic" spices and such like.

                          I do buy most of my meat on-line - it's organic and well butchered, and they always phone to agree deliveyr and check if I need special cuts:

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                          1. re: Harters

                            What a wonderful option to have. How expensive are they as compared to local options?

                            1. re: MMRuth

                              Swings and roundabouts, as we say.

                              We order off them a couple of times a year and pack the freezer with lamb, pork and beef (their chicken is very expensive and we can easily get good free-range or organic in the supermarket). Lamb is generally cheaper than supermarket (and it's not easy to get organic lamb in the supermarket). Pork is bit dearer but I believe their standards are higher than supermarket free-range. Beef is priced similar to "premium" (although non-organic) supermarket beef.

                              Of course, one of the benefits is that they will sell in small quanties - no need to buy half a pig. And it's overnight delivery. I sing their praises whenever I can - and they're local to my region as well!

                          2. I recently bought saffron in bulk on line. Costco. Very good quality. I also buy specialty cured meats from Salumi in Seattle. Last Christmas we got a nice gift certificates for Allen Bros. Meat - we ordered a pile of confit duck legs. They were to die for. We also got a torchon and a mostardo de Cremona from Hudson Valley Foie Gras. That was a fabulous gift.

                            I also regularly buy baking things on line usually thru amazon like baking amonia, Scharffen Berger (I am sure that is spelled wrong) chocolate... I also order from this place called Purcell Mountain Farm. They stock dried mushrooms and beans that I cannot find here. Their quality is good.

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                            1. those hot dog buns that you can slather with butter and then grill in a pan. Famousfoods.com

                              1. Aside from occasional gift items, my own online shopping tends towards dry-cured pork products and similar Southern specialties not available in Los Angeles County. Broadbent's in Kentucky is my fave these days, both for prices and for the quality of their stuff. Just recently got a 5+ lb. slab of their hickory-smoked bacon, and have a 2 lb. muslin tube of their smoked country bulk sausage and a package of country ham slices in the fridge out back. I also get stoneground grits and baking mixes of various kinds.

                                1. See's candy for family and corporate gifts.
                                  King Orchards' sour cherry juice concentrate for those months when sour cherries are not available (this for my husband who adores sour cherries in almost every form).
                                  Dry Monterey Jack from Vella Cheese (used it a lot when we lived in Berkeley and it's hard to find in NYC).

                                  1. I have had great success buying things like dried mushroom and jarred truffles. I hate to give up a source but I found great prices and good products at PistolRivermushrooms.com.

                                    1. I have successfully bought bread online from Poilane in Paris. This was years ago and I thought I was really cool. LOL

                                      1. I've bought spices and cheese online. Before long I plan on surprising my RI sweetie with a variety of frozen Portuguese sausages made in RI. And some mesquite flour for me-- it's outrageously expensive locally.

                                        1. I get lots of food online, but perhaps the best value is vanilla beans from Arizona Vanilla--organic, great quality, and a fraction of the cost of buying them in the stores.

                                          1. i do 60-85% of my food shopping online

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                                            1. re: thew

                                              Mail order? Or do you mean through Fresh Direct or the like?

                                                1. re: thew

                                                  Can I ask why? Just curious. I would never buy anything without picking it out myself. I honestly am just wondering.

                                                  1. re: kchurchill5

                                                    convenience. single parent in a 5th floor walkup. and while i started cautiously, i have found that most of what i get from them is good quality. even on problem items, like fruit. i'm more often satisfied than not. and, you will note i did not say 100%.

                                                    1. re: thew

                                                      That I can understand, didn't mean to pry, was just curious cuz I would be very leary and love to pick out my own. But understand the reasoning. Thx, appreciate the answer.

                                                      I think realizing that many different locations where people live also can dictate the need or no need to utilize that service. In northern MI where I lived the closest store IGA (which wasn't even a store) was 10 minutes. Any decent grocery store was 40 minutes. Now in FL, it is 1 block for 1 grocery store 5 minutes for 3-4 including a organic store. A few specialty stores although 15 miles takes 30 minutes but all stop and go traffic. And a farmers market every Saturday year round. So I guess I am spoiled a bit with availability.

                                                      5th Floor, god love ya. A pet peeve ... carrying in 5 or so bags of groceries and unloading. Can't I hire someone to do that.

                                                      Well thx again,

                                            2. Paul Prudhomme makes a Pasta & Pizza Magic that's the best darn "secret ingredient" but for some reason I can't find it anywhere in town. So I buy it from him directly. It can be overused, to be sure, but sometimes it's just what's called for. He makes both herbal and a hot & spicy varieties. I use the former much more often, but love them both. Normally I never buy "spice mixes", but Pasta & Pizza Magic is different, to my palate.

                                              1. I buy my favorite enchilada sauces from a company called "505" in Alb., New Mexico. I can't get enough of their red chile sauce, and use it to make cheese enchiladas and egg dishes.
                                                I've purchased groceries from freshdirect.com and ordered last-minute items from maxdelivery.com on various occasions.


                                                1. We buy paneer from iGourmet - I make my own, but always keep some in reserve for busy days. I like to get tea samplers from SpecialTeas and Golden Moon. And my most recent purchase was some Iranian Blue Sapphire Salt from I Fancy Food.

                                                  1. I buy all my pizza making stuff from this site, http://www.pennmac.com/
                                                    Except for all trumps flour, that I get from my local pizza place, in 50# sacks.
                                                    The Grande mozzerella is some of the best pizza cheese you will find. And the #10 cans of pizza sauce, I divide in several freezer bags and freeze.

                                                    1. i buy "the peanut roaster's" "golden gourmet" peanuts for myself and as gifts. they're the very best, large and very crunchy! http://peanut.com/ (btw, the photo does not do the peanuts justice).

                                                      get on their emailing list, and you'll occasionally get "buy one get one" -- among other --offers. i just ordered some, and got the BOGO deal that ended july 31 (about 2x a year).

                                                      my mom also enjoys the chocolate covered peanuts. we weren't crazy about the flavored ones (seasonings like pesto parmesan and jalapeƱo were too powdery), nor the peanut brittle (too thick). honey roasteds were o.k., but really there is no other peanut that comes close to the golden gourmet variety.

                                                      1. We buy dried fruits, nuts, and also quinoa by the pound from nutsonline.com We just recently got to partake of free shipping. The dried strawberries are TO DIE for and they have a mind-boggling array of products. You can buy spirulina powder! I was tempted.

                                                        We also buy Japanese snacks and candy from asianfoodgrocer.com. This company packs their items in the most effective way I have ever seen. It's fine art, seriously. Light items in one box, heavy items in another, all seperate boxes packed perfectly into one larger box for shipping. Nothing is ever crushed or broken.

                                                        1. I regularly buy tea from Upton in MA, because none of the shops here store their tea reliably or have as good quality at the prices. I've also bought dates from CA, both Hadley Farms and Oasis, would recommend both. Before Penzey's came to the area, I had bought from them. I also used to order from King Arthur when I lived in NC and shipping was more reasonable. I've also bought items like nuts and dried fruit and halvah from shops in NYC, though I don't recall the names, sorry. I've given gifts of Bissinger chocolates from St. Louis, always happily received and in good condition, as well as June Taylor jams and preserves from the Bay area.

                                                          1. Truffles (the fungi). I've never seen it here in town for sale.

                                                            1. Spices from Penzey's, and olive salad from Central Grocery in New Orleans. I've also bought other occasional things here and there if I saw something that sounded good, but nothing I use on a regular basis.

                                                              1. The only thing I ordered on line which ended up being an interesting adventure was crawfish boil spice. It came in a huge 6 foot/5 foot wooden crate stuffed with a shredded straw like product - received 6 bottles of boil liquid, 6 bottles of hot sauce, 6 cocktail sauce and 6 hot cocktail sauce - all for just ordering a couple bottles of boil liquid.