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Jul 1, 2009 10:26 PM

Silit Silargan - anybody have experience with this cookware?

This German cookware claims to use a special ceramic coating that is harder than steel, resistant to extremely high temperatures, and easy to clean. Sounds great to me, but I'd be interested in hearing from anybody who has actually used this stuff. TIA

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  1. I just ordered the Silit Silargan 8" frying pan on-line. I'll report back when I've put it through the paces.

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      Thanks, apfb. I look forward to hearing your impressions.

      Actually, after posting my question and getting no immediate replies, I went ahead and bought the 11" fry and serve pan. I haven't cooked anything with it yet, but I did do a quick "fry an egg in a bit of butter" test and was happy to find that the egg slid around in the pan.

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        Did the same with my 8" (20cm) Silit Silargan frying pan-- fried eggs in tiny bit of butter. The eggs released easily. This frying pan is also a stunner to look at and to hold. If this 8" frypan holds up over the next few months, then I'll be replacing the other sizes of frying pans with Silit Silargan.

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          Thanks for the reply, apfb. I've used my Silit Silargan pan a couple of times now and really like it. My initial impressions are that it is really solidly built and very nicely finished. The internal ceramic coating is reasonably nonstick and seems indestructible. One thing I really like is that it heats up very quickly and evenly all the way out to the edges. (This is often a problem for me because I use an induction cooktop.) I have my eye on a dutch oven next. I like my Le Creuset stuff, but wonder whether Silit Silargan might be a lighter, tougher, and easier-care alternative.

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          I have been in Germany the past 2 months and 1 month ago bought the 11" fry and serve pan, a 9 1/2" Silargan w/ Cera-protect, and the 8" cast Aluminum Cera-protect egg pan. My experience so far has been this. I absolutely love the 11" fry and serve pan. It distributes heat nicely and browns potatoes and meats fantastically. I noticed after a couple of weeks that the pan was accumulating something on the surface that my sponge and soap would not remove, although I was able to scratch it off with my fingernail. I decided that this was too much work to clean for a "non-stick" pan and returned it to the store. They agreed it was unacceptable but pointed out that Silit makes a special cleaner for these pans. She then soaked a sponge and sprinkled some of the cleanser into the pan and rubbed in a circular fashion for about 45 seconds and rinsed the pan. The pan looked like new. I mentioned that I was returning to the states and was unsure about the availability of this cleanser in the US, so I exchanged the pan for an identical one but without the cera-protect, which is probably the one you have. I will be testing this one and if it is no worse than the other I will be happy because the other was a 5 year warranty and this professional model is a 10 year warranty. If I have problems with this pan in the future I will try some baking soda, as it may provide a little more friction to clean the pan than an ordinary liquid soap. If this does not work, I think I would be confident enough to use one of those metal sponge things to very lightly rub over the surface. The Silargan surface is extremely strong and scratch resistant so I would not be afraid of doing this with very light pressure.

          The 9 1/2 inch Silargan/Cera-protect pan is great too although I have not used it as extensively as the 11" pan. It is a heavy pan for it's size and feels indestructible.

          I opted for the Tempura Aluminum Cera-protect pan for my 8" egg pan. I like my over-easy eggs and the weight and shape of the pan is great. There is no doubt in my mind that this non-stick manufacturing process will far outlast any other non-stick coatings and provides a very slick surface.

          A note about cooking eggs and potatoes. My first 11" pan did not have directions in English, but my replacement did. It specifically mentions NOT to fry potatoes and eggs in oil, but rather in butter. It seems to suggest a 50/50 combination is OK too. I had been cooking a lot of fried potatoes in the first pan with oil, so that may have been why my potatoes would stick and the pan so hard to clean.

          The Silit Silargan pans are pleasing to the eye and clean up nicely to keep that "new" shiny look. All in all I love these pans and would choose no other other than my Lodge cast iron skillets which have served me well.

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            I've found that Le Creuset's Pot and Pan Cleaner works great for cleaning my Silit Silargan Fry-and-Serve pan. It's intended for use on LC's enameled cast iron cookware, so I'm sure it won't damage the harder Silargan ceramic coating.

      2. Thanks for your input.

        I fried 2 batches of eggs in the 8" frypan. 1st batch was with canola oil, and the eggs stuck to the pan. Then I soaked the pan in soapy warm water for a few minutes, and the stuck eggs scrubbed out easily. The 2nd batch was with a small amount of butter-- an amazing difference! The eggs slid around the pan just like in your experience.

        We also fried some frozen Chinese pancakes with a small amount of canola oil, and the pancakes also slid around in the pan.

        Lesson learned: must use butter to fry eggs.

        Next experiment: Korean pancakes (pa jun)

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          You don't need butter in BERNDES , and it sure costs a heck of a lot less!!

        2. I have been using Silit Silargan cookware for close to twenty years. They perform very well and last a long time. I have Le Creuset cookware, All Clad and also some copperware. I aways reach for the Silargan first. I wish they still made the Silarga 2000 model so I could complement my set.

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            claudeandre, there are some silit2000 casseroles in casahomeaccessories clearance.

          2. Pretty pricey cookware! I have used the BERNDES nonstick cookware for years, and think it is wonderful.

            1. Hello everyone, I have my Silit Silargan pan bought at in Germany. The transfer was very quickly and the articles of Silit in Germany are very inexpensive.