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Jul 1, 2009 10:13 PM

Looking for food-grade diatomaceous earth

Seriously, anyone know where to get some preferably near Glendale? I have no idea where to start looking. Thanks.

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  1. i've ordered from this place--but a 50 lb bag seems to be the smallest size they've got. might want to call them and see if they can do smaller?
    (i used it for my backyard chickens--so another idea might be to check feed stores. there's one in sunland on claybeck that might have it, but i can't recall the name.

    1. Check - they have some under the baking link.

      1. serious pet stores that sell aquarium fish might carry it.....although i dont know whether it would be food grade for your purposes.....

        1. online. at one point i looked and looked but all i could find was pool grade. i went to ocs and home depot but no luck. i didn't try nurseries and in hind sight that's where i probably should have looked. good luck.

          1. Not to sound ignorant, but...what do you use it for?

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              i was using it to get rid of ants. some feed it to their pets. i believe others use it in plant soil to absorb moisture and in compost.