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Looking for food-grade diatomaceous earth

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Seriously, anyone know where to get some preferably near Glendale? I have no idea where to start looking. Thanks.

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  1. i've ordered from this place--but a 50 lb bag seems to be the smallest size they've got. might want to call them and see if they can do smaller?
    (i used it for my backyard chickens--so another idea might be to check feed stores. there's one in sunland on claybeck that might have it, but i can't recall the name.

    1. Check bulkfoods.com - they have some under the baking link.

      1. serious pet stores that sell aquarium fish might carry it.....although i dont know whether it would be food grade for your purposes.....

        1. online. at one point i looked and looked but all i could find was pool grade. i went to ocs and home depot but no luck. i didn't try nurseries and in hind sight that's where i probably should have looked. good luck.

          1. Not to sound ignorant, but...what do you use it for?

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              i was using it to get rid of ants. some feed it to their pets. i believe others use it in plant soil to absorb moisture and in compost.

            2. we buy it in the 50 lb. bag from Wolf Creek Ranch in Lake Elsinore which we regard as a pretty reputable source. it's mail order, but you can pick it up as well. the quality of product there is very good and they give very good direction on how to use it as well.


              caution on the pool-grade DE. it was very poisonous.