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What do you drink with a JG Melon burger?

Finally making it up to JG to have the famous burger. I've heard the beer selection is limited...what's your ideal beverage to wash it down, beer or otherwise?

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  1. I really like their bloody marys, but am much less thrilled with their burger and fries. Sometime when you feel like heading further uptown, you may want to try the burger at Ottomanelli.

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      So agree with you: JG Melon's burgers are over-rated and over-priced (especially given their petite size), while Ottomanelli's are the real deal -- delicious meat, perfectly cooked, and an incredible bargain! And those waffle fries are outstanding!

    2. i completely differ with mmruth. i love the burgers but hate the bloodies. the fries are my favorite part. different taste buds i guess. i usually go with a beer. stella or bass on tap.

      1. I love the JGM burger and the fact that it's right-sized. Get the cottage fries as well. Don't worry about the limited beer selection, keep it simple. Just like the burger.

        Oh, and I do like their bloodies as well.

        1. Skip the bloody mary and go with the bloody bull. Its a very good burger and go with the cottage fries.

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            I second the bloody bull. JG cheese burger with a bloody bull... one of my favorite pairings in NYC!

            1. Bass on tap. Delicious. And ask for the cottage fries a little well done, so they are crispier. Although, I have recently tried Ottomanelli, and may have to agree that those waffle fries are really something else!!

              1. ...the kool-aid? That is, if you're expecting anything beyond the ordinary when it comes to your burger...

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                  I kind of felt the same way about the PJ Clark's (sp?) burger I had recently, though I thought it was better than the Melon one.

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                    Agreed. As unfortunate as it would be to group the two places together based on aura and atmosphere alone, they both happen to serve rather unremarkable burgers. Don't get me wrong - it's a fine meal, and the cottage fries are memorable enough - I just wouldn't defend it as destination-or-reputation-worthy.