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Jul 1, 2009 08:01 PM

Anniversary dinner -- need help choosing between a couple of choices.

Hi all,

Am helping a friend book her anniversary dinner (it is their 16th anniversary) in Chicago over the July 4th weekend for Saturday, July 4th. Am looking for a place where above all, the food is excellent, but ambiance (i.e. not too loud, romantic a big plus) and service are important too. Have not been to any of these places, but here's what is being considered -- Perennial, Boka, Graham Elliot, and Mon Ami Gabi. They are also thinking about North Palm, but are worried it might be too stuffy. They wanted to go to Sepia, but it is closed for the holiday weekend. Of these choices, what would you recommend?


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  1. I think you mean North Pond (no relationship whatsoever to the Palm). It is not at all stuffy and is very romantic.

    I don't know for sure what's open that weekend, but I also like Naha, MK, Le Bouchon, Takashi, Bonsoiree and Spring.

    If you haven't checked it yet, is a good way to see what's open.

    1. Graham Elliot is loud, and not necessarily a 'romantic' place. Mon Ami Gabi is a bustling French bistro. I wouldn't call it too loud, but the atmosphere is definitely lively. You are probably referring to North Pond. I think it's a perfect place for this kind of milestone. Personally i don't think it is stuffy, but just depends on what your friends are looking for.

      1. Thanks, chicgail and ms. chow, for your feedback. Sorry about the typo on North Pond, that is what I meant :-) And thanks for the tip on -- actually, my friend and I were perusing open table when we came up with the list above! I will pass on the recs for North Pond, and your other comments and suggestions. I think they will likely end up going with North Pond, as that was where she was leaning in the first place. Thanks again!